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Sam's General Store is a shop located in Town. They sell various seeds, fertilizer, consumables, and bag upgrades.

This shop is also the residence of Sam and Emily.


General stocks are available year-round as permanent stock. Stock like seeds and seedlings are rotated each season to match the plant's seasonal lifetime. The player can unlock more seeds, seedlings, and saplings by increasing their town rank. Aside from farming-related items, Sam also sells the bag upgrade, allowing players to expand their inventory capacity.

The player may sell some items to Sam instead of the shipping bin. Items sold in this manner still counts towards badges.

General stock

ItemPriceTown rankSeason
Bread.png BreadCoin.png × 50FAny
Cookies.png CookiesCoin.png × 260FAny (Year 5)
Tortilla.png TortillaCoin.png × 70FAny (Year 5)
Pineapple upside-down cake.png Pineapple upside-down cakeCoin.png × 480FSummer
Sugar.png SugarCoin.png × 75FAny
Wheat flour.png Wheat flourCoin.png × 110FAny
Fertilizer I.png Fertilizer ICoin.png × 40FAny
Fertilizer II.png Fertilizer IICoin.png × 70CAny


ItemPriceTown rankSeason
Grass starter.png Grass starterCoin.png × 10FAny
Potato seeds.png Potato seedsCoin.png × 25FSpring
Strawberry seeds.png Strawberry seedsCoin.png × 145DSpring
Radish seeds.png Radish seedsCoin.png × 60ESpring
Carrot seeds.png Carrot seedsCoin.png × 35FSpring
Cauliflower seeds.png Cauliflower seedsCoin.png × 70FSpring
Turnip seeds.png Turnip seedsCoin.png × 15FSpring
Pea seeds.png Pea seedsCoin.png × 45DSpring
Sugarcane seeds.png Sugarcane seedsCoin.png × 50DSpring
Cucumber seeds.png Cucumber seedsCoin.png × 25ESpring
Chard seeds.png Chard seedsCoin.png × 50DSpring
Lettuce seeds.png Lettuce seedsCoin.png × 20DSpring
Peony seeds.png Peony seedsCoin.png × 20FSpring
Poppy seeds.png Poppy seedsCoin.png × 30ESpring
Daisy seeds.png Daisy seedsCoin.png × 15FSpring
Soybean seeds.png Soybean seedsCoin.png × 20ESpring
Snowdrop seeds.png Snowdrop seedsCoin.png × 45CSpring
Blueberry seeds.png Blueberry seedsCoin.png × 50FSummer
Hot pepper seeds.png Hot pepper seedsCoin.png × 40FSummer
Corn seeds.png Corn seedsCoin.png × 25FSummer
Melon seeds.png Melon seedsCoin.png × 130ESummer
Tomato seeds.png Tomato seedsCoin.png × 25ESummer
Red cabbage seeds.png Red cabbage seedsCoin.png × 45DSummer
Wheat seeds.png Wheat seedsCoin.png × 15FSummer
Bell pepper seeds.png Bell pepper seedsCoin.png × 70ESummer
Pineapple seeds.png Pineapple seedsCoin.png × 110DSummer
Okra seeds.png Okra seedsCoin.png × 60ESummer
Blackberry seeds.png Blackberry seedsCoin.png × 40DSummer
Coffee seeds.png Coffee seedsCoin.png × 70DSummer
Starfruit seeds.png Starfruit seedsCoin.png × 60ESummer
Gardenia seeds.png Gardenia seedsCoin.png × 20FSummer
Sunflower seeds.png Sunflower seedsCoin.png × 20FSummer
Rose seeds.png Rose seedsCoin.png × 20DSummer
Lily seeds.png Lily seedsCoin.png × 60DSummer
Iris seeds.png Iris seedsCoin.png × 30DSummer
Garlic seeds.png Garlic seedsCoin.png × 30CFall
Rice seeds.png Rice seedsCoin.png × 15FFall
Barley seeds.png Barley seedsCoin.png × 100DFall
Basil seeds.png Basil seedsCoin.png × 20EFall
Amaranth seeds.png Amaranth seedsCoin.png × 25EFall
Artichoke seeds.png Artichoke seedsCoin.png × 45DFall
Beet seeds.png Beet seedsCoin.png × 20EFall
Grape seeds.png Grape seedsCoin.png × 150DFall
Cactus flower seeds.png Cactus flower seedsCoin.png × 300BFall
Bok choy seeds.png Bok choy seedsCoin.png × 60DFall
Cranberry seeds.png Cranberry seedsCoin.png × 20FFall
Eggplant seeds.png Eggplant seedsCoin.png × 35FFall
Pumpkin seeds.png Pumpkin seedsCoin.png × 90EFall
Taro root seeds.png Taro root seedsCoin.png × 35DFall
Sweet potato seeds.png Sweet potato seedsCoin.png × 60FFall
Fairy rose seeds.png Fairy rose seedsCoin.png × 135CFall
Orchid seeds.png Orchid seedsCoin.png × 75FFall
Watermelon seeds.png Watermelon seedsCoin.png × 50CFall
Blue dahlia seeds.png Blue dahlia seedsCoin.png × 50DFall
Cotton seed.png Cotton seedCoin.png × 50CWinter
Tea seed.png Tea seedCoin.png × 25CWinter
Banana seedling.png Banana seedlingCoin.png × 800ESpring
Plum seedling.png Plum seedlingCoin.png × 1,350ESpring
Rambutan seedling.png Rambutan seedlingCoin.png × 1,350ESpring
Dragonfruit seedling.png Dragonfruit seedlingCoin.png × 1,350ESummer
Jackfruit seedling.png Jackfruit seedlingCoin.png × 1,500ESummer
Papaya seedling.png Papaya seedlingCoin.png × 1,350ESummer
Lemon seedling.png Lemon seedlingCoin.png × 1,200CFall
Pear seedling.png Pear seedlingCoin.png × 1,350CFall
Cocoa seedling.png Cocoa seedlingCoin.png × 1,500CFall
Snake fruit seedling.png Snake fruit seedlingCoin.png × 1,200CWinter
Avocado seedling.png Avocado seedlingCoin.png × 1,000CWinter
Lychee seedling.png Lychee seedlingCoin.png × 1,500CWinter
Orange sapling.png Orange saplingCoin.png × 4,000CSpring
Durian sapling.png Durian saplingCoin.png × 4,500CSpring
Mango sapling.png Mango saplingCoin.png × 4,000CSummer
Peach sapling.png Peach saplingCoin.png × 4,500CSummer
Apple sapling.png Apple saplingCoin.png × 4,000CFall
Olive sapling.png Olive saplingCoin.png × 4,000CFall
Almond sapling.png Almond saplingCoin.png × 4,250CWinter

Bag upgrade

ItemPriceBag capacity
Upgrade I.png Upgrade ICoin.png × 50020
Upgrade II.png Upgrade IICoin.png × 3,50030
Upgrade III.png Upgrade IIICoin.png × 12,00040