Raja Coffee Corner

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Raja Coffee Corner is a shop located in Town, in front of Fishensips by the town docks. It is run and owned by Raj. The shop offers desserts and beverages for sale.

The coffee shop is closed during rainy or story days.


Some items sold in the coffee shop are seasonal, others are available all year-round.

ItemPriceTown rankSeasonPurchase limit
Coffee.png CoffeeCoin.png × 165FAny
Gesha coffee.png Gesha coffeeCoin.png × 1,435EAny3/day
Large gesha coffee.png Large gesha coffeeCoin.png × 2,385EAny3/day
Hot cocoa.png Hot cocoaCoin.png × 185FFall
Green tea.png Green teaCoin.png × 225FAny
Coffee bean.png Coffee beanCoin.png × 40DSummer
Donut.png DonutCoin.png × 385FAny
Chocolate chip muffins.png Chocolate chip muffinsCoin.png × 220FAny
Cookies.png CookiesCoin.png × 260FAny