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Ranch is a shop located in the Forest. It is run and owned by Jack. His son, Kenny, is a part-time worker.

The player can purchase a variety of livestock here once they have the necessary farm buildings to keep them, as well as feed and tools for their care. Jack sells different animals as the player's town rank increases.


ItemPriceDescriptionTown rank
Hay.png HayCoin.png × 30Animal feed.F
Milk pail.png Milk pailCoin.png × 300Good for collecting milk from animals.F
Shears.png ShearsCoin.png × 400A large pair of scissors for shearing wool from animals.E
Animal medicine.png Animal medicineCoin.png × 300Medicine for animals.F
Animal whistle.png Animal whistleCoin.png × 500Call your animals to your side. Requires horse.F
Temperature machine.png Temperature machineCoin.png × 600Prevents animals from getting sick by regulating the temperature. Improves animal mood in Summer and Winter.E


Player can buy farm animals at the ranch. Animals will require housing such as coop or barn. The player can buy one animal at a time, but Kenny sells the llama in pairs since they will be lonely otherwise.

ItemPriceDescriptionTown rankHousing
Chicken.png ChickenCoin.png × 600Adult chicken. Lives in the coop. Will lay eggs when properly cared for.FCoop Lv. 1
Cow.png CowCoin.png × 2,500Adult cow. Lives in the barn. Will produce milk when properly cared for.FBarn Lv. 1
Duck.png DuckCoin.png × 1,000Adult duck. Lives in the coop. Will lay duck eggs when properly cared for.ECoop Lv. 1
Sheep.png SheepCoin.png × 2,000Adult sheep. Lives in the barn. Can be sheared to produce wool.EBarn Lv. 1
Quail.png QuailCoin.png × 5,000Adult quail. Lives in the coop. Will lay quail eggs when properly cared for.DCoop Lv. 2
Goat.png GoatCoin.png × 8,000Adult goat. Lives in the barn. Will produce goat milk when properly cared for.DBarn Lv. 2
Peafowl.png PeafowlCoin.png × 20,000Adult peafowl. Lives in the coop. Will sometimes shed a peafowl feather.CCoop Lv. 2
Pig.png PigCoin.png × 12,000Adult pig. Lives in the barn. Will help you hunt for truffles with its sensitive nose.CBarn Lv. 2
Luwak.png LuwakCoin.png × 30,000Adult luwak. Lives in the barn. Will sometimes drop luwak coffee beans.BBarn Lv. 2
Llama.png LlamaCoin.png × 30,000Adult llama. Lives in the barn. Will produce llama wool when properly cared for.BBarn Lv. 2
Horse.png HorseCoin.png × 15,000A four-legged steed. Helps you get around much faster than on two legs.FStable