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Lings Lab, or the laboratory, is a shop located in Town and is run by the town's marine biologist, Ling. It is also the place where Surya conducts his research. The lab is open every day except on Saturdays.

Seed and fodder quality can be upgraded for coins and kelp essences that the player can harvest in the ocean. The player can also purchase various items from the cash register or process any fossil nodes they have.


The player can purchase the ingredients from making kelp essences from the lab.

ItemPriceTown rank
Bronze kelp.png Bronze kelpCoin.png × 150F
Silver kelp.png Silver kelpCoin.png × 500F
Gold kelp.png Gold kelpCoin.png × 1,500F
Osmium kelp.png Osmium kelpCoin.png × 4,500B
Scrap.png ScrapCoin.png × 10B
Glass.png GlassCoin.png × 125F
Battery.png BatteryCoin.png × 250B
Fertilizer I.png Fertilizer ICoin.png × 40F
Fertilizer II.png Fertilizer IICoin.png × 70C

Produce Quality Upgrades

The quality of seeds, seedlings, saplings and hay can be upgraded for coin and kelp essences. Each upgrade takes two days to take effect and immediately increases the quality of produce harvested once complete. Only one upgrade can be bought at a time.

File:Bronze Seeds.png Bronze SeedsCoin.png × 2,000Bronze kelp essence.png Bronze kelp essence × 5Crops
File:Silver Seeds.png Silver SeedsCoin.png × 5,000Silver kelp essence.png Silver kelp essence × 5Crops
File:Gold Seeds.png Gold SeedsCoin.png × 10,000Gold kelp essence.png Gold kelp essence × 5Crops
File:Osmium Seeds.png Osmium SeedsCoin.png × 20,000Osmium kelp essence.png Osmium kelp essence × 5Crops
File:Bronze Seedling.png Bronze SeedlingCoin.png × 2,000Bronze kelp essence.png Bronze kelp essence × 6Fruit Plants
File:Silver Seedling.png Silver SeedlingCoin.png × 5,000Silver kelp essence.png Silver kelp essence × 6Fruit Plants
File:Gold Seedling.png Gold SeedlingCoin.png × 10,000Gold kelp essence.png Gold kelp essence × 6Fruit Plants
File:Osmium Seedling.png Osmium SeedlingCoin.png × 20,000Osmium kelp essence.png Osmium kelp essence × 6Fruit Plants
File:Bronze Sapling.png Bronze SaplingCoin.png × 2,000Bronze kelp essence.png Bronze kelp essence × 7Fruit Trees
File:Silver Sapling.png Silver SaplingCoin.png × 5,000Silver kelp essence.png Silver kelp essence × 7Fruit Trees
File:Gold Sapling.png Gold SaplingCoin.png × 10,000Gold kelp essence.png Gold kelp essence × 7Fruit Trees
File:Osmium Sapling.png Osmium SaplingCoin.png × 20,000Osmium kelp essence.png Osmium kelp essence × 7Fruit Trees
File:Bronze Hay.png Bronze HayCoin.png × 2,000Bronze kelp essence.png Bronze kelp essence × 8Animal Products
File:Silver Hay.png Silver HayCoin.png × 5,000Silver kelp essence.png Silver kelp essence × 8Animal Products
File:Gold Hay.png Gold HayCoin.png × 10,000Gold kelp essence.png Gold kelp essence × 8Animal Products
File:Osmium Hay.png Osmium HayCoin.png × 20,000Osmium kelp essence.png Osmium kelp essence × 8Animal Products

Fossil processing

Fossil nodes may be processed here to open the contents. Breaking open fossil nodes cost 20Coin.png each, which may result in dinosaur bones or resources. The items the laboratory can process are:

The items the player will get are determined at the moment the node is processed, so it is possible to reload the day to receive different drops.

Research lab upgrades

The ability to craft new farm equipment can be purchased from the lab.

ItemPriceDescriptionTown rankPurchase limit
Auto fertilizer.png Auto fertilizerCoin.png × 4,000Battery.png Battery × 1Silver kelp essence.png Silver kelp essence × 5Scrap.png Scrap × 50A sprinkler attachment. Automatically applies fertilizer to nearby seeds when loaded with it.
Sprinkler Upgrade
Auto seed.png Auto seedCoin.png × 4,000Battery.png Battery × 2Gold kelp essence.png Gold kelp essence × 5Scrap.png Scrap × 50A sprinkler attachment. Automatically plants seeds to empty tilled soil when loaded with it.
Sprinkler Upgrade
Auto harvest.png Auto harvestCoin.png × 8,000Battery.png Battery × 4Gold kelp essence.png Gold kelp essence × 5Hardwood.png Hardwood × 40A sprinkler attachment. Automatically harvest crops.
Sprinkler Upgrade
Auto SFH.png Auto SFHCoin.png × 15,000Battery.png Battery × 5Osmium kelp essence.png Osmium kelp essence × 5Scrap.png Scrap × 50A sprinkler attachment. Automatically fertilizes, plants seeds and harvest crops to empty tilled soil.
Sprinkler Upgrade
Temperature machine.png Temperature machineCoin.png × 1,500Battery.png Battery × 1Flame essence.png Flame essence × 2Water essence.png Water essence × 2Scrap.png Scrap × 50Prevents animals from getting sick by regulating the temperature. Improves animal mood in Summer and Winter.
Coop & Barn Building Upgrade
Auto feeder.png Auto feederCoin.png × 15,000Battery.png Battery × 2Silver kelp essence.png Silver kelp essence × 5Hay.png Hay × 20Scrap.png Scrap × 100Automatically feeds animals when placed inside a coop or barn. Requires hay in silo to function.
Coop & Barn Building Upgrade
Auto petter.png Auto petterCoin.png × 15,000Battery.png Battery × 5Gold kelp essence.png Gold kelp essence × 5Large wool.png Large wool × 5Scrap.png Scrap × 100Automatically pets animals when placed inside a coop or barn.
Coop & Barn Building Upgrade
Auto collector.png Auto collectorCoin.png × 40,000Battery.png Battery × 5Osmium kelp essence.png Osmium kelp essence × 5Silver ore.png Silver ore × 20Scrap.png Scrap × 100Automatically collects animal products when placed inside a coop or barn.
Coop & Barn Building Upgrade
Sturdy computer.png Sturdy computerCoin.png × 40,000Battery.png Battery × 10Silver bar.png Silver bar × 10Bronze ore.png Bronze ore × 20Scrap.png Scrap × 100Unlocks sturdy computer as a crafting recipe. Comes with online shopping!D1
File:Catching component.png Catching componentCoin.png × 15,000Battery.png Battery × 5Osmium ore.png Osmium ore × 10Gold ore.png Gold ore × 10Wind essence.png Wind essence × 5Automatically adds catching forecast to any sturdy computer. See what insects and critters are available to catch.
Sturdy Computer Upgrade
File:Fishing component.png Fishing componentCoin.png × 15,000Battery.png Battery × 5Osmium ore.png Osmium ore × 10Gold ore.png Gold ore × 10Water essence.png Water essence × 5Automatically adds fishing forecast to any sturdy computer. See what fish are available to catch.
Sturdy Computer Upgrade
File:Forage component.png Forage componentCoin.png × 15,000Battery.png Battery × 5Osmium ore.png Osmium ore × 10Gold ore.png Gold ore × 10Earth essence.png Earth essence × 5Automatically adds forage forecast to any sturdy computer. See what items are available to be foraged.
Sturdy Computer Upgrade
Auto trash collector.png Auto trash collectorCoin.png × 25,000Battery.png Battery × 5Gold kelp essence.png Gold kelp essence × 5Scrap.png Scrap × 200Wind essence.png Wind essence × 5Automatically collects trash when placed on the ocean floor.C1
Ultimate scarecrow.png Ultimate scarecrowCoin.png × 40,000Hardwood.png Hardwood × 20Fiber.png Fiber × 50Resin.png Resin × 5Osmium bar.png Osmium bar × 5Covers a 19x19 radius when placed on farm tile. The ultimate scarecrow!C1
Sturdy music player.png Sturdy music playerTBDTBD
Automation chest.png Automation chestCoin.png × 60,000Battery.png Battery × 10Osmium kelp.png Osmium kelp × 5Osmium bar.png Osmium bar × 5Scrap.png Scrap × 200A chest that automatically pushes or pulls items from machines placed to the right or left of it.C1