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Carpenter is a shop located in Hillside. It is owned by Joko and Dinda. The player has the opportunity to buy building and crafting materials, as well as construct and upgrade farm buildings. The player also has the option to change the appearance of their house or farm buildings.

This shop serves as the residence of Joko, Dinda, Archie, and Surya.

Joko visits his family in a neighboring island once in a while. A day prior to his travel, he informs the player via mail about his 1-2 day trip. During this time, the shop will be closed even if Dinda is not coming with him. They will take orders before he leaves and will start on the project on the day he returns.


ItemPriceTown rank
Calendar.png CalendarCoin.png × 400
Wood.png WoodCoin.png × 10
Hardwood.png HardwoodCoin.png × 150B
Small aquarium.png Small aquariumCoin.png × 300
Aquarium.png AquariumCoin.png × 800


There are many types of Farm buildings. Coop and barn can house farm animals, while shed can store items. The player may build as many farm buildings as space allows, including multiple buildings of the same type.

ItemPriceDescriptionBuild TimeDimensionsMax Animals
Coop.png CoopWood.png Wood × 100Stone.png Stone × 50Bronze bar.png Bronze bar × 5Fiber.png Fiber × 10Coin.png × 2,000Houses 4 coop animals.2 days7 × 44
Barn.png BarnWood.png Wood × 200Stone.png Stone × 100Bronze bar.png Bronze bar × 5Fiber.png Fiber × 10Coin.png × 3,000Houses 4 barn animals.2 days8 × 54
Stable.png StableScrap.png Scrap × 50Stone.png Stone × 200Silver bar.png Silver bar × 5Coin.png × 15,000Houses 1 horse.2 days4 × 31
Well.png WellStone.png Stone × 60Wood.png Wood × 10Bronze kelp essence.png Bronze kelp essence × 1Coin.png × 2,000A water source.2 days3 × 3
Mill.png MillScrap.png Scrap × 20Wood.png Wood × 50Bronze bar.png Bronze bar × 2Coin.png × 2,000Processes grain.2 days4 × 3
Silo.png SiloScrap.png Scrap × 20Stone.png Stone × 300Resin.png Resin × 2Coin.png × 2,500Stores hay.2 days3 × 3
Fish pond.png Fish pondScrap.png Scrap × 20Stone.png Stone × 50Seaweed.png Seaweed × 20Gold kelp essence.png Gold kelp essence × 1Coin.png × 7,000Put any fish to multiply over time.2 days5 × 510
Insect house.png Insect houseCompost.png Compost × 20Hardwood.png Hardwood × 15Sap.png Sap × 10Gold bar.png Gold bar × 1Coin.png × 7,000Put any insect to multiply over time.2 days5 × 510
Shed.png ShedWood.png Wood × 200Stone.png Stone × 200Gold bar.png Gold bar × 5Coin.png × 5,000An Empty Building.2 days9 × 8

House upgrade

Image Name Cost Building time
PlayerHouse LV0.png HouseInterior Lv0.png Starting House
PlayerHouse LV1.png HouseInterior Lv1.png House Level 1 Coin.png Coin × 0Wood.png Wood × 50Stone.png Stone × 20 Right Away
PlayerHouse LV2.png HouseInterior Lv2.png House Level 2 Coin.png Coin × 5,000Wood.png Wood × 100Stone.png Stone × 50Bronze bar.png Bronze bar × 10 3 Days
PlayerHouse LV3.png HouseInterior Lv3.png House Level 3 Coin.png Coin × 40,000Wood.png Wood × 200Stone.png Stone × 150Silver bar.png Silver bar × 10 3 Days
PlayerHouse LV3.png HouseInterior Lv4.png House Level 4 Coin.png Coin × 120,000Hardwood.png Hardwood × 200Stone.png Stone × 300Gold bar.png Gold bar × 10 3 Days

Edit farm buildings

The "Edit Farm Buildings" menu option also allows you to move, upgrade and destroy current buildings. Destroying farm buildings cost 1,000 Coin.png, while moving buildings cost 300 Coin.png.

Image Building Description Cost Building Time Dimension
239Coop LVL1.png Deluxe Coop Houses 8 coop animals. Coin.png Coin × 4,500Stone.png Stone × 50Fiber.png Fiber × 10Hardwood.png Hardwood × 20 2 Days 4 x 7 Tiles
188Barn.png Deluxe barn Houses 8 barn animals. Coin.png Coin × 6,500Stone.png Stone × 100Fiber.png Fiber × 10Hardwood.png Hardwood × 40 2 Days 5 x 8 Tiles