Hot Spring

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Hot Spring is the bathhouse located in the Forest. Use of the hot spring is temporarily unavailable at the start of the game, but the player can enter the building anytime. This building is also the Takeba's residence.

The hot spring is restored the night after the player completes two offerings at the Lake Temple. It becomes free to use to refill the player's energy. As more offerings are completed, the energy refill speed increases and the hot spring's appearance improves. The amount of energy gained per tick (approximately one second real time) changes based on game speed setting; energy gain at 100% is twice that at 50%, so the same amount of in-game time gives the same amount of energy. The amount of energy gained per tick also increases based on the number of offerings completed, reaching the maximum after ten offerings:

  • Two offerings: +2 (50% game speed) to +4 (100%)
  • Four offerings: +3 to +6
  • Six offerings: +4 to +8
  • Eight offerings: +6 to +12
  • Ten offerings: +8 to +16