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Takeba is a townie in Starlet Town. He is the keeper of the hot spring.


Takeba is the keeper of the hot spring.

In-game profile

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Takeba is unable to receive gifts.


Spring, Summer, Fall,Winter

Monday - Sunday
06:00 Hot Spring
06:30 Outside Hotspring
11:00 Outside Hotspring
17:00 Goes to Bed


First meeting
Introduction Is that you, Taro?// Oh…
Introduction Haven’t seen you before. Are you new here?
Monday - Sunday You’re welcome to bathe at the hot spring. It’s open to the public.

You don’t need to pay to enter.

Monday - Sunday I’ve been eating the same lunch for years.

Oven-baked risotto is a great comfort food.

Monday - Sunday Take your shoes off before going to bed, Taro. You don’t want dirt on your blanket.
Monday - Sunday Thank you for visiting – you and the young folks from the village.

Old man like me gets lonely sometimes.

Spring Are you here to enjoy the Spring blooms?
Summer There aren’t many visitors at the hot spring in Summer.

It’s not surprising, but I wish more people would come and visit.

Summer I need to wash the hot spring sign by the observatory.

It’s been a while since I’ve done it. Last Summer, I think.

Fall The leaves are piling up.

How are the visitors going to bathe if they can’t get past the entrance?

Fall The wind has been very strong lately. I think Summer is over.
Winter Taro hasn’t been home for…

Well, Winter is here again. I just hope he remembers to wear his jacket. Do you ever hear from him?

Winter I see. No need to worry. That’s Taro.

He gets carried away with his work and forgets about his friends.

Winter It’s hard to find bamboo shoots right now. They’re not sprouting yet. The ground is still too cold.