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Semeru is a Merfolk from the Merfolk Kingdom. He is unable to be befriended at this time, but he will be one of the three dateable Merfolk in a future update.

A battle-hardened soldier, he takes his job of protecting both the Kingdom and the Royal Family very seriously. Semeru is the Lead Guard in the Merfolk Kingdom.


The lead guard. His unwavering dedication to keeping the realm safe is matched only by his unwavering loyalty and sense of duty. Has a pet lobster, Poseidon.

In-game profile

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All seasons

Saturday - Sunday
08:00 Stable
12:00 Outdoor - practice
18:00 Merfolk tavern
23:00 Barrack - Semeru's room
Monday - Friday
08:00 Outside near the stingray
11:00 Naga Castle
18:00 Barrack - Semeru's room


  • He is named after an Indonesian volcano.[1]