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Dateables are characters that the player can date and marry.

By default, dateables have heart level 9 and 10 locked unless the player dates them. To date a character, the player must increase heart level points with the character until heart level 8, then give a locket to express the player's romantic interest to progress further. The locket can be bought from the Blacksmith once they are informed that it is available in their shop for 1,500 992T Icon Gold4.png. The locket can be given to more than one character.

The locket cannot be given to the dateable character if another item has been given that day, but this does not count towards the gift per week limit.


28 characters are dateable, 3 of which are Merfolk in a future update. As of version 1.0, Merfolk cannot be befriended or dated.

Upcoming dateables