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Sanchez Brothers Blacksmith, [1] or Blacksmith, is a shop located in the Woodlands. It is owned by Pablo and Rafael. The shop can process ores and upgrade tools for the player. The player can also purchase various weapons and armor here.


Hi! Need some ore?

The store is stocked with ore and coal.

ItemPriceTown rankRequirement
Coal.png CoalCoin.png × 60F
Bronze ore.png Bronze oreCoin.png × 150F
Silver ore.png Silver oreCoin.png × 500F
Gold ore.png Gold oreCoin.png × 1,500F
Osmium ore.png Osmium oreCoin.png × 4,500B
Blunt sword.png Blunt swordCoin.png × 1,000FSpring 5, after cavern opens
Locket.png LocketCoin.png × 1,500FReach 8 hearts with any NPC
Diamond ring.png Diamond ringCoin.png × 5,000FReach 10 hearts with any NPC

Tool upgrades

Buenos días, Need [sic] any upgrades?

Each tool upgrade costs money, materials, and 1 to 4 full game-day(s) depending on which upgrade is processed. The item will be removed from the player's inventory during the upgrade, and the player must visit the shop during the days it is open to retrieve it. Items cannot be retrieved when the shop is closed.

ItemPriceTimePurchase limit
Bronze axe.png Bronze axeCoin.png × 1,500Axe.png Axe × 1Bronze bar.png Bronze bar × 5Wood.png Wood × 201 day1
Silver axe.png Silver axeCoin.png × 3,000Bronze axe.png Bronze axe × 1Silver bar.png Silver bar × 5Wood.png Wood × 202 days1
Gold axe.png Gold axeCoin.png × 10,000Silver axe.png Silver axe × 1Gold bar.png Gold bar × 3Hardwood.png Hardwood × 52 days1
Osmium axe.png Osmium axeCoin.png × 20,000Gold axe.png Gold axe × 1Osmium bar.png Osmium bar × 3Hardwood.png Hardwood × 54 days1
Bronze hoe.png Bronze hoeCoin.png × 1,500Hoe.png Hoe × 1Bronze bar.png Bronze bar × 5Wood.png Wood × 201 day1
Silver hoe.png Silver hoeCoin.png × 3,000Bronze hoe.png Bronze hoe × 1Silver bar.png Silver bar × 5Wood.png Wood × 202 days1
Gold hoe.png Gold hoeCoin.png × 10,000Silver hoe.png Silver hoe × 1Gold bar.png Gold bar × 3Hardwood.png Hardwood × 52 days1
Osmium hoe.png Osmium hoeCoin.png × 20,000Gold hoe.png Gold hoe × 1Osmium bar.png Osmium bar × 3Hardwood.png Hardwood × 54 days1
Bronze pickaxe.png Bronze pickaxeCoin.png × 1,500Pickaxe.png Pickaxe × 1Bronze bar.png Bronze bar × 5Wood.png Wood × 201 day1
Silver pickaxe.png Silver pickaxeCoin.png × 3,000Bronze pickaxe.png Bronze pickaxe × 1Silver bar.png Silver bar × 5Wood.png Wood × 202 days1
Gold pickaxe.png Gold pickaxeCoin.png × 10,000Silver pickaxe.png Silver pickaxe × 1Gold bar.png Gold bar × 3Hardwood.png Hardwood × 52 days1
Osmium pickaxe.png Osmium pickaxeCoin.png × 20,000Gold pickaxe.png Gold pickaxe × 1Osmium bar.png Osmium bar × 5Hardwood.png Hardwood × 54 days1
Bronze watering can.png Bronze watering canCoin.png × 1,500File:Watering can.png Watering can × 1Bronze bar.png Bronze bar × 51 day1
Silver watering can.png Silver watering canCoin.png × 3,000Bronze watering can.png Bronze watering can × 1Silver bar.png Silver bar × 52 days1
Gold watering can.png Gold watering canCoin.png × 10,000Silver watering can.png Silver watering can × 1Gold bar.png Gold bar × 3Resin.png Resin × 32 days1
Osmium watering can.png Osmium watering canCoin.png × 20,000Gold watering can.png Gold watering can × 1Osmium bar.png Osmium bar × 3Resin.png Resin × 54 days1
Bronze scythe.png Bronze scytheCoin.png × 1,500Scythe.png Scythe × 1Bronze bar.png Bronze bar × 5Wood.png Wood × 201 day1
Silver scythe.png Silver scytheCoin.png × 3,000Bronze scythe.png Bronze scythe × 1Silver bar.png Silver bar × 5Wood.png Wood × 202 days1
Gold scythe.png Gold scytheCoin.png × 10,000Silver scythe.png Silver scythe × 1Gold bar.png Gold bar × 3Hardwood.png Hardwood × 52 days1
Osmium scythe.png Osmium scytheCoin.png × 20,000Gold scythe.png Gold scythe × 1Osmium bar.png Osmium bar × 3Hardwood.png Hardwood × 54 days1

Process geode or coffer

Greetings! Please select the geode or coffer you'd like to open. We'll process it right away.

For 20g per item, the Blacksmith will process geodes and treasure coffers into gems and artifacts. The items the blacksmith can process are:


Earth geode.png Earth geodeFire geode.png Fire geodeMystery geode.png Mystery geodeWater geode.png Water geode


Coffer.png CofferOrnate coffer.png Ornate cofferShimmering coffer.png Shimmering cofferMysterious coffer.png Mysterious cofferMarble coffer.png Marble cofferPirate coffer.png Pirate coffer

The items the player will get are determined in the moment the geode or coffer is processed, so it is possible to reload the day to get different drops.



  1. Coral Island Official Discord: Message from Moderator