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Interactables, interior

Socket & Pan, or Socket Electronics, is a shop located in Town. Luke owns and operates the store. The player can buy utensils required for cooking here once the house has been upgraded to include a kitchen.


The items are one time purchase only.

Chef Knife.png Chef KnifeCoin.png × 1,500
Oven.png OvenCoin.png × 4,000
Blender.png BlenderCoin.png × 2,500
Frying Pan.png Frying PanCoin.png × 4,000
Grill.png GrillCoin.png × 2,500
Seasoning Set.png Seasoning SetCoin.png × 1,500
Pot.png PotCoin.png × 3,500
Skillet.png SkilletCoin.png × 3,500
Ceramic Bowl.png Ceramic BowlCoin.png × 2,000

Coral shopping

Every Tuesday, Socket & Pan appears on the Coral Shopping channel to announce a sale on a randomly selected utensil. The chosen item will be on 10% discount for the rest of the week.