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White Flaming, or the clothing store, is a shop located in Town. It is owned by Antonio. It begins as a tent next to Ling's Mansion and opens as a full-sized store when the player reaches town rank E.

More clothing options become available to purchase as the player increases their town rank.


The unnamed clothing tent is closed Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.


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ItemPriceTown rank
Basic farmer outfit.png Basic farmer outfitCoin.png × 1,500F
Brown farmer outfit.png Brown farmer outfitCoin.png × 1,500F
Light blue farmer outfit.png Light blue farmer outfitCoin.png × 1,500F
Maroon farmer outfit.png Maroon farmer outfitCoin.png × 1,500F
Green farmer outfit.png Green farmer outfitCoin.png × 1,500F
Pink farmer outfit.png Pink farmer outfitCoin.png × 1,500F
Monochrome farmer outfit.png Monochrome farmer outfitCoin.png × 1,500F
Black farmer outfit.png Black farmer outfitCoin.png × 1,500F
Wabanana farmer outfit.png Wabanana farmer outfitCoin.png × 2,500E
Stairway farmer outfit.png Stairway farmer outfitCoin.png × 2,500E
Chicken suit.png Chicken suitCoin.png × 25,000F
Duck duck suit.png Duck duck suitCoin.png × 25,000D
Fluffy llama suit.png Fluffy llama suitCoin.png × 25,000B
White Balinese kebaya outfit.png White Balinese kebaya outfitCoin.png × 20,000C
White Balinese safari outfit.png White Balinese safari outfitCoin.png × 20,000C
Cow suit.png Cow suitCoin.png × 25,000E
Business suit.png Business suitCoin.png × 6,500D
Sakura farmer outfit.png Sakura farmer outfitCoin.png × 2,500E
Enchanting wedding dress.png Enchanting wedding dressCoin.png × 10,000E
Serenity wedding dress.png Serenity wedding dressCoin.png × 10,000E
Classic charm tux.png Classic charm tuxCoin.png × 10,000E
Timeless tux.png Timeless tuxCoin.png × 10,000E
Onepiece orange.png Onepiece orangeCoin.png × 3,000E
Swimsuit green.png Swimsuit greenCoin.png × 3,000E
Red chickensus farmer outfit.png Red chickensus farmer outfitCoin.png × 2,500E
Blue chickensus farmer outfit.png Blue chickensus farmer outfitCoin.png × 2,500E
Bear suit.png Bear suitCoin.png × 25,000A


ItemPriceTown rank
Blue pufferfish crewneck t-shirt.png Blue pufferfish crewneck t-shirtCoin.png × 250F
Cherry crewneck t-shirt.png Cherry crewneck t-shirtCoin.png × 250F
White lily crewneck t-shirt.png White lily crewneck t-shirtCoin.png × 250F
Metalhead crewneck t-shirt.png Metalhead crewneck t-shirtCoin.png × 250F
Red striped crewneck t-shirt.png Red striped crewneck t-shirtCoin.png × 250F
Simple crewneck t-shirt.png Simple crewneck t-shirtCoin.png × 250F
Lavender floral shirt.png Lavender floral shirtCoin.png × 500E
Dahlia floral shirt.png Dahlia floral shirtCoin.png × 500E
Pink clover floral shirt.png Pink clover floral shirtCoin.png × 500E
Yellow primrose floral shirt.png Yellow primrose floral shirtCoin.png × 500E
Tulip floral shirt.png Tulip floral shirtCoin.png × 500E
White lily floral shirt.png White lily floral shirtCoin.png × 500E
Coral hoodie.png Coral hoodieCoin.png × 1,100B
Cloud-print hoodie.png Cloud-print hoodieCoin.png × 1,100B
Black hoodie.png Black hoodieCoin.png × 1,100B
Camouflage hoodie.png Camouflage hoodieCoin.png × 1,100B
White hoodie.png White hoodieCoin.png × 1,100D
Cloud-print t-shirt.png Cloud-print t-shirtCoin.png × 300C
Pizza t-shirt.png Pizza t-shirtCoin.png × 300C
Plain t-shirt.png Plain t-shirtCoin.png × 300C
Black striped t-shirt.png Black striped t-shirtCoin.png × 300C
Tacky t-shirt.png Tacky t-shirtCoin.png × 300C
Gray hoodie.png Gray hoodieCoin.png × 1,100B
Brown striped sweatshirt.png Brown striped sweatshirtCoin.png × 650C
Starlet sweatshirt.png Starlet sweatshirtCoin.png × 650C
Red patterned sweatshirt.png Red patterned sweatshirtCoin.png × 650C
Pink roses sweatshirt.png Pink roses sweatshirtCoin.png × 650C
Snow pattern sweatshirt.png Snow pattern sweatshirtCoin.png × 650C
Artful soup can sweatshirt.png Artful soup can sweatshirtCoin.png × 650C
Blue duck shirt.png Blue duck shirtCoin.png × 2,250D
Noodle t-shirt.png Noodle t-shirtCoin.png × 250A
Cream striped polo shirt.png Cream striped polo shirtCoin.png × 1,600F
Sporty jacket.png Sporty jacketCoin.png × 2,700F
Purple pocket hoodie.png Purple pocket hoodieCoin.png × 2,550D
Blue ombre Wabanana shirt.png Blue ombre Wabanana shirtCoin.png × 500E
Cropped hoodie.png Cropped hoodieCoin.png × 2,150B
Green and white sleeveless linen shirt.png Green and white sleeveless linen shirtCoin.png × 800B
Cuffed flannel shirt.png Cuffed flannel shirtCoin.png × 1,350D
Dusty pink farmer shirt.png Dusty pink farmer shirtCoin.png × 2,650E
Pink oversized shirt.png Pink oversized shirtCoin.png × 950D
Pink pocket hoodie.png Pink pocket hoodieCoin.png × 2,550D
Red pocket hoodie.png Red pocket hoodieCoin.png × 2,550D
Brown pocket hoodie.png Brown pocket hoodieCoin.png × 2,550D
White pocket hoodie.png White pocket hoodieCoin.png × 2,550D
Yellow pocket hoodie.png Yellow pocket hoodieCoin.png × 2,550D
Pink duck shirt.png Pink duck shirtCoin.png × 2,250D
Yellow duck shirt.png Yellow duck shirtCoin.png × 2,250D
Black duck shirt.png Black duck shirtCoin.png × 2,250D
White duck shirt.png White duck shirtCoin.png × 2,250D
Brown duck shirt.png Brown duck shirtCoin.png × 2,250D
Royal grape blazer.png Royal grape blazerCoin.png × 2,700D
Wabanana tank top.png Wabanana tank topCoin.png × 650C
Coral varsity jacket.png Coral varsity jacketCoin.png × 2,400C
Meme sweatshirt.png Meme sweatshirtCoin.png × 2,400A
Wabanana cutout hoodie.png Wabanana cutout hoodieCoin.png × 2,550D
Button up shirt.png Button up shirtCoin.png × 1,050E
Cropped sweatshirt.png Cropped sweatshirtCoin.png × 2,100E
Lace crop top.png Lace crop topCoin.png × 1,300E
Sleeveless mockneck.png Sleeveless mockneckCoin.png × 1,900C
Gondolier shirt.png Gondolier shirtCoin.png × 2,250D
Graphic sleeveless hoodie.png Graphic sleeveless hoodieCoin.png × 2,000B
Sleeveless mockneck white.png Sleeveless mockneck whiteCoin.png × 1,900F
Collared denim jacket.png Collared denim jacketCoin.png × 1,300A
Wabanana leather jacket.png Wabanana leather jacketCoin.png × 2,800A
Spaghetti strap top.png Spaghetti strap topCoin.png × 1,300C
Cropped hoodie.png Cropped hoodieCoin.png × 2,150B
Floral bardot top.png Floral bardot topCoin.png × 2,100B
Dark blue crop top.png Dark blue crop topCoin.png × 1,500D
Knotted crop top.png Knotted crop topCoin.png × 1,900E
Airy shirt.png Airy shirtCoin.png × 2,300E
Summer maiden top.png Summer maiden topCoin.png × 2,150C
Brown oversized t-shirt.png Brown oversized t-shirtCoin.png × 950D
Grey oversized t-shirt.png Grey oversized t-shirtCoin.png × 950D
Red oversized t-shirt.png Red oversized t-shirtCoin.png × 950D
Black oversized t-shirt.png Black oversized t-shirtCoin.png × 950D
Dark grey oversized t-shirt.png Dark grey oversized t-shirtCoin.png × 950D
Black and white sleeveless linen shirt.png Black and white sleeveless linen shirtCoin.png × 800B
Red and light red sleeveless linen shirt.png Red and light red sleeveless linen shirtCoin.png × 800B
White and gold sleeveless linen shirt.png White and gold sleeveless linen shirtCoin.png × 800B
Black and gold sleeveless linen shirt.png Black and gold sleeveless linen shirtCoin.png × 800B
Teal and yellow sleeveless linen shirt.png Teal and yellow sleeveless linen shirtCoin.png × 800B
Milk t-shirt.png Milk t-shirtCoin.png × 300C
Bikini top pink.png Bikini top pinkCoin.png × 1,600F
Surf top blue.png Surf top blueCoin.png × 1,600E


ItemPriceTown rank
Gray ankle trouser.png Gray ankle trouserCoin.png × 300F
Dark green ankle trouser.png Dark green ankle trouserCoin.png × 300F
Black ankle trouser.png Black ankle trouserCoin.png × 300F
Dark blue ankle trouser.png Dark blue ankle trouserCoin.png × 300F
Brown ankle trouser.png Brown ankle trouserCoin.png × 300F
Light brown ankle trouser.png Light brown ankle trouserCoin.png × 300F
Retro denim ripped jeans.png Retro denim ripped jeansCoin.png × 800D
Black ripped jeans.png Black ripped jeansCoin.png × 800D
Gray ripped jeans.png Gray ripped jeansCoin.png × 800D
Denim ripped jeans.png Denim ripped jeansCoin.png × 800D
Yellow ripped jeans.png Yellow ripped jeansCoin.png × 800D
Light denim ripped jeans.png Light denim ripped jeansCoin.png × 800D
Light-blue short pants.png Light-blue short pantsCoin.png × 500D
Black short pants.png Black short pantsCoin.png × 500D
Sage short pants.png Sage short pantsCoin.png × 500D
Denim short pants.png Denim short pantsCoin.png × 500D
White short pants.png White short pantsCoin.png × 500D
Dark-blue short pants.png Dark-blue short pantsCoin.png × 500D
Checkered short trouser.png Checkered short trouserCoin.png × 400F
Brown short trouser.png Brown short trouserCoin.png × 400F
White short trouser.png White short trouserCoin.png × 400F
Black short trouser.png Black short trouserCoin.png × 400F
Striped short trouser.png Striped short trouserCoin.png × 400F
Pink short trouser.png Pink short trouserCoin.png × 400F
Blue worker pants.png Blue worker pantsCoin.png × 550E
Green worker pants.png Green worker pantsCoin.png × 550E
White worker pants.png White worker pantsCoin.png × 550E
Black worker pants.png Black worker pantsCoin.png × 550E
Brown worker pants.png Brown worker pantsCoin.png × 550E
Light blue worker pants.png Light blue worker pantsCoin.png × 550E
Light blue pants.png Light blue pantsCoin.png × 2,700C
Wabanana running shorts.png Wabanana running shortsCoin.png × 2,000C
Blue cargo shorts.png Blue cargo shortsCoin.png × 1,100E
Terry shorts.png Terry shortsCoin.png × 650B
Brown tartan mini skirt.png Brown tartan mini skirtCoin.png × 550F
Green layered mini skirt.png Green layered mini skirtCoin.png × 1,200E
Trumpet skirt.png Trumpet skirtCoin.png × 2,650D
Patterned bubble skirt.png Patterned bubble skirtCoin.png × 1,600E
Sporty shorts.png Sporty shortsCoin.png × 2,000E
Wabanana shorts.png Wabanana shortsCoin.png × 2,000C
Washed blue denim skirt.png Washed blue denim skirtCoin.png × 2,250C
Wabanana linen joggers.png Wabanana linen joggersCoin.png × 2,000D
Cream wide-leg trousers.png Cream wide-leg trousersCoin.png × 1,450C
Faded slim fit jeans.png Faded slim fit jeansCoin.png × 1,750F
Slim fit jogger with chain.png Slim fit jogger with chainCoin.png × 1,700B
Checkered pants.png Checkered pantsCoin.png × 1,850C
Dark grey skinny jeans.png Dark grey skinny jeansCoin.png × 1,600E
Culottes.png CulottesCoin.png × 1,500E
Layered culottes.png Layered culottesCoin.png × 1,750A
Striped harem pants.png Striped harem pantsCoin.png × 3,050E
Floral culottes.png Floral culottesCoin.png × 2,400B
Dark blue long skirt.png Dark blue long skirtCoin.png × 1,850D
Olive striped pants.png Olive striped pantsCoin.png × 2,400F
Red layered mini skirt.png Red layered mini skirtCoin.png × 1,200E
White layered mini skirt.png White layered mini skirtCoin.png × 1,200E
Black layered mini skirt.png Black layered mini skirtCoin.png × 1,200E
Teal layered mini skirt.png Teal layered mini skirtCoin.png × 1,200E
Yellow layered mini skirt.png Yellow layered mini skirtCoin.png × 1,200E
Black pants.png Black pantsCoin.png × 2,700C
Navy pants.png Navy pantsCoin.png × 2,700C
Brown pants.png Brown pantsCoin.png × 2,700C
White pants.png White pantsCoin.png × 2,700C
Olive pants.png Olive pantsCoin.png × 2,700C
Baggy sweatpants.png Baggy sweatpantsCoin.png × 1,450C
Culottes with belt.png Culottes with beltCoin.png × 1,500A
Green floral shorts.png Green floral shortsCoin.png × 2,900A
Street capri pants.png Street capri pantsCoin.png × 3,600B
Beach wrap.png Beach wrapCoin.png × 2,700A
Black long skirt.png Black long skirtCoin.png × 1,850D
White long skirt.png White long skirtCoin.png × 1,850D
Navy long skirt.png Navy long skirtCoin.png × 1,850D
Brown long skirt.png Brown long skirtCoin.png × 1,850D
Olive long skirt.png Olive long skirtCoin.png × 1,850D
Blue skinny jeans.png Blue skinny jeansCoin.png × 1,600E
Black skinny jeans.png Black skinny jeansCoin.png × 1,600E
White skinny jeans.png White skinny jeansCoin.png × 1,600E
Washed blue skinny jeans.png Washed blue skinny jeansCoin.png × 1,600E
Red skinny jeans.png Red skinny jeansCoin.png × 1,600E
Blue slim fit jeans.png Blue slim fit jeansCoin.png × 1,750F
Green slim fit jeans.png Green slim fit jeansCoin.png × 1,750F
Navy slim fit jeans.png Navy slim fit jeansCoin.png × 1,750F
Black slim fit jeans.png Black slim fit jeansCoin.png × 1,750F
Dark ash slim fit jeans.png Dark ash slim fit jeansCoin.png × 1,750F
Wrapped batik skirt.png Wrapped batik skirtCoin.png × 2,400A
Flowy wrap skirt.png Flowy wrap skirtCoin.png × 1,700B
Paneled skirt.png Paneled skirtCoin.png × 2,300C
Asymmetrical skorts.png Asymmetrical skortsCoin.png × 2,900B
Bikini bottom pink.png Bikini bottom pinkCoin.png × 1,600E
Surf bottom blue.png Surf bottom blueCoin.png × 1,600E


ItemPriceTown rank
White bunny slippers.png White bunny slippersCoin.png × 1,300B
Dark brown bunny slippers.png Dark brown bunny slippersCoin.png × 1,300B
Pink bunny slippers.png Pink bunny slippersCoin.png × 1,300B
Brown bunny slippers.png Brown bunny slippersCoin.png × 1,300B
Light blue bunny slippers.png Light blue bunny slippersCoin.png × 1,300B
Black bunny slippers.png Black bunny slippersCoin.png × 1,300B
File:Coral star canvas shoes.png Coral star canvas shoesCoin.png × 1,300D
Yellow canvas shoes.png Yellow canvas shoesCoin.png × 1,300D
White canvas shoes.png White canvas shoesCoin.png × 1,300D
Gray canvas shoes.png Gray canvas shoesCoin.png × 1,300D
Light blue canvas shoes.png Light blue canvas shoesCoin.png × 1,300D
Plum canvas shoes.png Plum canvas shoesCoin.png × 1,300D
White leather ankle boots.png White leather ankle bootsCoin.png × 5,100C
Brown leather ankle boots.png Brown leather ankle bootsCoin.png × 5,100C
Plum leather ankle boots.png Plum leather ankle bootsCoin.png × 5,100C
Orange leather ankle boots.png Orange leather ankle bootsCoin.png × 5,100C
Gray leather ankle boots.png Gray leather ankle bootsCoin.png × 5,100C
Black leather ankle boots.png Black leather ankle bootsCoin.png × 5,100C
White slip-on shoes.png White slip-on shoesCoin.png × 800E
Checkered slip-on shoes.png Checkered slip-on shoesCoin.png × 800E
Black slip-on shoes.png Black slip-on shoesCoin.png × 800E
Yellow slip-on shoes.png Yellow slip-on shoesCoin.png × 800E
Red slip-on shoes.png Red slip-on shoesCoin.png × 800E
Green slip-on shoes.png Green slip-on shoesCoin.png × 800E
Air coral sneakers.png Air coral sneakersCoin.png × 3,200F
Coral force sneakers.png Coral force sneakersCoin.png × 3,200F
Classic sneakers.png Classic sneakersCoin.png × 3,200F
Cloudy sneakers.png Cloudy sneakersCoin.png × 3,200F
Coral project sneakers.png Coral project sneakersCoin.png × 3,200F
Fresh steady sneakers.png Fresh steady sneakersCoin.png × 3,200F
Green running shoes.png Green running shoesCoin.png × 950B
Wabanana sandals.png Wabanana sandalsCoin.png × 500F
Black flats.png Black flatsCoin.png × 1,900E
Chamomile tassel loafers.png Chamomile tassel loafersCoin.png × 2,100D
Flip flops.png Flip flopsCoin.png × 650A
File:Fish sandals.png Fish sandalsCoin.png × 2,400F


ItemPriceTown rank
Black aviator glasses.png Black aviator glassesCoin.png × 700F
Dark red stylish glasses.png Dark red stylish glassesCoin.png × 600E
Pince-nez glasses.png Pince-nez glassesCoin.png × 250E
Round stylish glasses.png Round stylish glassesCoin.png × 850F
Red stylish glasses.png Red stylish glassesCoin.png × 350E
Octagonal glasses.png Octagonal glassesCoin.png × 1,100D
Two-toned aviator.png Two-toned aviatorCoin.png × 950D
Deal with it.png Deal with itCoin.png × 2,400B
Matt's glasses.png Matt's glassesCoin.png × 2,300C
Monocle.png MonocleCoin.png × 1,800A
Heart-shaped tinted sunglasses.png Heart-shaped tinted sunglassesCoin.png × 2,150C


ItemPriceTown rank
Coral beanie.png Coral beanieCoin.png × 600E
Pink beanie.png Pink beanieCoin.png × 600E
Black beanie.png Black beanieCoin.png × 600E
Red beanie.png Red beanieCoin.png × 600E
White beanie.png White beanieCoin.png × 600E
Cloudy beanie.png Cloudy beanieCoin.png × 600E
Brown bucket hat.png Brown bucket hatCoin.png × 250F
Green bucket hat.png Green bucket hatCoin.png × 250F
Gray bucket hat.png Gray bucket hatCoin.png × 250F
Plum bucket hat.png Plum bucket hatCoin.png × 250F
Yellow bucket hat.png Yellow bucket hatCoin.png × 250F
Black bucket hat.png Black bucket hatCoin.png × 250F
Carrot cap.png Carrot capCoin.png × 500D
Emblem cap.png Emblem capCoin.png × 500D
Cactus cap.png Cactus capCoin.png × 500D
Brown cap.png Brown capCoin.png × 500D
Lemon cap.png Lemon capCoin.png × 500D
Green cap.png Green capCoin.png × 500D
Brown head scarf.png Brown head scarfCoin.png × 950F
Orange dot farmer hat.png Orange dot farmer hatCoin.png × 950E
Blue beret.png Blue beretCoin.png × 2,400B
Kettle brim hat.png Kettle brim hatCoin.png × 2,150A
Boater.png BoaterCoin.png × 3,000C
Ocean blue knit beanie.png Ocean blue knit beanieCoin.png × 800B
Beach sun hat.png Beach sun hatCoin.png × 3,000C
Yellow visor cap.png Yellow visor capCoin.png × 2,400D

Back accessories

ItemPriceTown rank
Fashion bucket backpack.png Fashion bucket backpackCoin.png × 3,600C
Green plain backpack.png Green plain backpackCoin.png × 2,700E
Travel backpack.png Travel backpackCoin.png × 4,500C
Sky dragon wings.png Sky dragon wingsCoin.png × 12,000F
Fisherman backpack.png Fisherman backpackCoin.png × 6,000E
Ukulele.png UkuleleCoin.png × 6,000B
Harvest basket.png Harvest basketCoin.png × 2,600D
Chicken tote.png Chicken toteCoin.png × 7,200A
Shoulder bag.png Shoulder bagCoin.png × 2,400F
Rucksack.png RucksackCoin.png × 4,800D