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Black Market is a secret shop run by Ratih on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights on a boat by the lighthouse. Black Market offers a random selection of rare items.


The Black Market stock refreshes weekly before the store opens on Monday. The items are sold at an increased price (six times the prices of other stores, provided they are available elsewhere).

Only one item of each type will be available each week, with the exception of scrap, which has a 75% of 1 being available and a 30% chance of 5 being available, with no change to the price. Once the stamina fruit is bought, it will not be available again.

ItemPriceTypePurchase limit
Scrap.png ScrapCoin.png × 60Scrap
Stamina fruit.png Stamina fruitCoin.png × 90,000Stamina fruit1
Ancient battery.png Ancient batteryCoin.png × 1,220Artifact
Ancient compass.png Ancient compassCoin.png × 2,520Artifact
Ancient map.png Ancient mapCoin.png × 5,880Artifact
Beaded necklace.png Beaded necklaceCoin.png × 4,200Artifact
Blue mask.png Blue maskCoin.png × 4,200Artifact
Bronze hammer.png Bronze hammerCoin.png × 5,220Artifact
C.I. Jo.png C.I. JoCoin.png × 4,800Artifact
Carved ring holder.png Carved ring holderCoin.png × 2,520Artifact
Cassete player.png Cassete playerCoin.png × 3,600Artifact
Chipped helmet.png Chipped helmetCoin.png × 4,200Artifact
Chipped pottery jug.png Chipped pottery jugCoin.png × 2,520Artifact
Clay vessel.png Clay vesselCoin.png × 2,520Artifact
Dumbphone.png DumbphoneCoin.png × 3,600Artifact
Gardonite ring.png Gardonite ringCoin.png × 3,150Artifact
Gold earring.png Gold earringCoin.png × 2,520Artifact
Golden bell.png Golden bellCoin.png × 5,220Artifact
Golden keris.png Golden kerisCoin.png × 7,320Artifact
Green mask.png Green maskCoin.png × 4,200Artifact
Hammerstone.png HammerstoneCoin.png × 3,150Artifact
Harpoon.png HarpoonCoin.png × 3,150Artifact
Jade locket.png Jade locketCoin.png × 3,150Artifact
Leather parchment.png Leather parchmentCoin.png × 4,200Artifact
Masquerade mask.png Masquerade maskCoin.png × 2,520Artifact
Metal boot.png Metal bootCoin.png × 4,200Artifact
Optical glass prism.png Optical glass prismCoin.png × 4,200Artifact
Prehistoric bowl.png Prehistoric bowlCoin.png × 4,200Artifact
Red mask.png Red maskCoin.png × 4,200Artifact
Royal bowl.png Royal bowlCoin.png × 2,520Artifact
Ruby hairpin.png Ruby hairpinCoin.png × 8,370Artifact
Rusty spear.png Rusty spearCoin.png × 4,200Artifact
Shadow puppet.png Shadow puppetCoin.png × 3,150Artifact
Silver sandal.png Silver sandalCoin.png × 3,360Artifact
Snow globe.png Snow globeCoin.png × 4,200Artifact
Stone hand axe.png Stone hand axeCoin.png × 4,200Artifact
Terracotta soldier.png Terracotta soldierCoin.png × 5,880Artifact
Terrarium pendant.png Terrarium pendantCoin.png × 5,220Artifact
Town model.png Town modelCoin.png × 4,830Artifact
Unfinished clay statue.png Unfinished clay statueCoin.png × 3,150Artifact
Vinyl record.png Vinyl recordCoin.png × 4,800Artifact
Water bottle.png Water bottleCoin.png × 4,800Artifact
Fossil node (brontosaurus).png Fossil node (brontosaurus)Coin.png × 3,000Fossil
Fossil node (gallimimus).png Fossil node (gallimimus)Coin.png × 3,000Fossil
Fossil node (mammoth).png Fossil node (mammoth)Coin.png × 3,000Fossil
Fossil node (mosasaurus).png Fossil node (mosasaurus)Coin.png × 3,000Fossil
Fossil node (pterodactyl).png Fossil node (pterodactyl)Coin.png × 3,000Fossil
Fossil node (stegosaurus).png Fossil node (stegosaurus)Coin.png × 3,000Fossil
Fossil node (triceratops).png Fossil node (triceratops)Coin.png × 3,000Fossil
Fossil node (tyrannosaurus).png Fossil node (tyrannosaurus)Coin.png × 3,000Fossil
Fossil node (velociraptor).png Fossil node (velociraptor)Coin.png × 3,000Fossil
Small node.png Small nodeCoin.png × 3,000Fossil
Medium node.png Medium nodeCoin.png × 3,000Fossil
Large node.png Large nodeCoin.png × 3,000Fossil
Water node.png Water nodeCoin.png × 3,000Fossil
Mysterious node.png Mysterious nodeCoin.png × 3,000Fossil
Brontosaurus hip.png Brontosaurus hipCoin.png × 2,640Fossil
Brontosaurus leg.png Brontosaurus legCoin.png × 2,820Fossil
Brontosaurus skull.png Brontosaurus skullCoin.png × 4,210Fossil
Brontosaurus spine.png Brontosaurus spineCoin.png × 2,860Fossil
Brontosaurus tail.png Brontosaurus tailCoin.png × 3,940Fossil
Brontosaurus torso.png Brontosaurus torsoCoin.png × 2,740Fossil
Gallimimus claw.png Gallimimus clawCoin.png × 2,740Fossil
Gallimimus pelvis.png Gallimimus pelvisCoin.png × 2,920Fossil
Gallimimus skull.png Gallimimus skullCoin.png × 4,390Fossil
Gallimimus spine.png Gallimimus spineCoin.png × 2,950Fossil
Gallimimus tail.png Gallimimus tailCoin.png × 3,840Fossil
Gallimimus torso.png Gallimimus torsoCoin.png × 2,640Fossil
Mammoth claw.png Mammoth clawCoin.png × 2,770Fossil
Mammoth leg.png Mammoth legCoin.png × 2,890Fossil
Mammoth skull.png Mammoth skullCoin.png × 4,260Fossil
Mammoth spine.png Mammoth spineCoin.png × 2,940Fossil
Mammoth torso.png Mammoth torsoCoin.png × 2,650Fossil
Mammoth tail.png Mammoth tailCoin.png × 3,970Fossil
Mosasaurus arm.png Mosasaurus armCoin.png × 4,270Fossil
Mosasaurus leg.png Mosasaurus legCoin.png × 2,820Fossil
Mosasaurus skull.png Mosasaurus skullCoin.png × 2,770Fossil
Mosasaurus spine.png Mosasaurus spineCoin.png × 2,980Fossil
Mosasaurus tail.png Mosasaurus tailCoin.png × 3,820Fossil
Mosasaurus torso.png Mosasaurus torsoCoin.png × 2,710Fossil
Plesiosaurus leg.png Plesiosaurus legCoin.png × 2,770Fossil
Plesiosaurus pelvis.png Plesiosaurus pelvisCoin.png × 2,830Fossil
Plesiosaurus skull.png Plesiosaurus skullCoin.png × 4,270Fossil
Plesiosaurus spine.png Plesiosaurus spineCoin.png × 2,940Fossil
Plesiosaurus tail.png Plesiosaurus tailCoin.png × 4,000Fossil
Plesiosaurus torso.png Plesiosaurus torsoCoin.png × 2,740Fossil
Pterodactyl arm.png Pterodactyl armCoin.png × 2,710Fossil
Pterodactyl leg.png Pterodactyl legCoin.png × 2,800Fossil
Pterodactyl skull.png Pterodactyl skullCoin.png × 4,390Fossil
Pterodactyl spine.png Pterodactyl spineCoin.png × 2,820Fossil
Pterodactyl tail.png Pterodactyl tailCoin.png × 3,840Fossil
Pterodactyl torso.png Pterodactyl torsoCoin.png × 2,760Fossil
Stegosaurus claw.png Stegosaurus clawCoin.png × 2,680Fossil
Stegosaurus leg.png Stegosaurus legCoin.png × 2,860Fossil
Stegosaurus skull.png Stegosaurus skullCoin.png × 4,270Fossil
Stegosaurus spine.png Stegosaurus spineCoin.png × 2,950Fossil
Stegosaurus tail.png Stegosaurus tailCoin.png × 3,790Fossil
Stegosaurus torso.png Stegosaurus torsoCoin.png × 2,760Fossil
Triceratops arm.png Triceratops armCoin.png × 2,710Fossil
Triceratops leg.png Triceratops legCoin.png × 2,980Fossil
Triceratops pelvis.png Triceratops pelvisCoin.png × 4,240Fossil
Triceratops skull.png Triceratops skullCoin.png × 2,940Fossil
Triceratops tail.png Triceratops tailCoin.png × 3,910Fossil
Triceratops torso.png Triceratops torsoCoin.png × 2,770Fossil
Tyrannosaurus arm.png Tyrannosaurus armCoin.png × 2,620Fossil
Tyrannosaurus claw.png Tyrannosaurus clawCoin.png × 2,890Fossil
Tyrannosaurus leg.png Tyrannosaurus legCoin.png × 4,390Fossil
Tyrannosaurus skull.png Tyrannosaurus skullCoin.png × 2,940Fossil
Tyrannosaurus spine.png Tyrannosaurus spineCoin.png × 3,840Fossil
Tyrannosaurus torso.png Tyrannosaurus torsoCoin.png × 2,680Fossil
Velociraptor claw.png Velociraptor clawCoin.png × 2,620Fossil
Velociraptor leg.png Velociraptor legCoin.png × 2,950Fossil
Velociraptor skull.png Velociraptor skullCoin.png × 4,260Fossil
Velociraptor spine.png Velociraptor spineCoin.png × 2,860Fossil
Velociraptor tail.png Velociraptor tailCoin.png × 3,880Fossil
Velociraptor torso.png Velociraptor torsoCoin.png × 2,620Fossil
Bronze bar.png Bronze barCoin.png × 3,000Metal bar
Silver bar.png Silver barCoin.png × 9,000Metal bar
Earth geode.png Earth geodeCoin.png × 900Geode
Water geode.png Water geodeCoin.png × 900Geode
Wind geode.png Wind geodeCoin.png × 900Geode
Fire geode.png Fire geodeCoin.png × 900Geode
Mystery geode.png Mystery geodeCoin.png × 900Geode
Coffer.png CofferCoin.png × 900Coffer
Ornate coffer.png Ornate cofferCoin.png × 900Coffer
Shimmering coffer.png Shimmering cofferCoin.png × 900Coffer
Mysterious coffer.png Mysterious cofferCoin.png × 900Coffer
Bronze kelp.png Bronze kelpCoin.png × 600Kelp
Silver kelp.png Silver kelpCoin.png × 1,500Kelp


The Black Market is available at the start of the game and can be freely visited and shopped in with no additional requirements; however, if the player does not find and visit the market by themselves they will eventually get the invitation from Ratih:

Word travels fast in the archipelago. You have an eye for hard-to-come-by things, while I am a purveyor of rare finds.

The lighthouse, Tues/Thurs/Fri, after sundown. Discreet business only.