Fishensips (Tavern)

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Fishensips, or the Tavern, is a shop located near the docks of Town. The shop is open every day except on Wednesday.

It is owned by Betty and run by her sons, Noah and Frank. The tavern was run by Betty's late husband before he passed away.

This place is also the residence of Betty, Noah, and Aaliyah.


The tavern offers several beverages & food. The player could also try Frank's experimental dish.

Coffee.png CoffeeCoin.png × 165Any
Kombucha.png KombuchaCoin.png × 1,000Any
Beer.png BeerCoin.png × 350Any
File:Apple wine.png Apple wineCoin.png × 3,325Any
Sake.png SakeCoin.png × 765Any
Pizza.png PizzaCoin.png × 725Any
Basil pesto pasta.png Basil pesto pastaCoin.png × 440Any
Failed dish.png Failed dishCoin.png × 10Any
Red velvet cake.png Red velvet cakeCoin.png × 580Any
Jamu.png JamuCoin.png × 600Any except Winter
Serabi.png SerabiCoin.png × 520Any except Winter
Veggie ramen.png Veggie ramenCoin.png × 380Winter
Popiah.png PopiahCoin.png × 470Winter