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Marriage is the system that allows the player to date, marry, and have children with any of the eligible characters. The player can only be married to one partner and have up to two children.

In an upcoming update, it is possible to marry another player in multiplayer mode.[1]


28 characters are dateable, 3 of which are Merfolk in a future update. As of version 1.0, Merfolk cannot be befriended or dated.

Merfolk dateables



The player must first increase heart points and build relationship with the character until heart level 8. To start dating, give the character a locket which can be bought from the Blacksmith. The blacksmith informs the player once this item is available for purchase in their shop for 1,500 992T Icon Gold4.png. The player can date multiple dateables.

The locket cannot be given to the dateable character if another item has been given that day, but this does not count towards the gift per week limit.

Marriage proposal

Diamond ring

Proposal requirements:

  1. Farmhouse level 3 / Underwater farmhouse for merfolk dateables
  2. Unlock all heart events of the dateable character
  3. Diamond ring from the blacksmith

After reaching heart level 10, a diamond ring can be bought from the Blacksmith for 5,000 992T Icon Gold4.png.

The wedding will take place 3 days from the proposal day. The player will receive a reminder every end-of-day in the form of a wedding invitation. There are three available locations: Beach, Town, and Lake. The wedding location depends on who the spouse is.

Spouse room

After the wedding, the spouse will move in to the farmhouse. They will have a special room, and the design depends on the spouse. For Suki, Valentina will be joining the household and she will be staying inside Suki's room.

Dateable Room
Aaliyah icon.png Aaliyah Aaliyah Spouse Room.png
Alice icon.png Alice Alice Spouse Room.png
Ben icon.png Ben Ben Spouse Room.png
Chaem icon.png Chaem Chaem Spouse Room.png
Charles icon.png Charles Charles Spouse Room.png
Eva icon.png Eva Eva Spouse Room.png
Kenny icon.png Kenny Kenny Spouse Room.png
Leah icon.png Leah Leah Spouse Room.png
Lily icon.png Lily Lily Spouse Room.png
Luke icon.png Luke Luke Spouse Room.png
Macy icon.png Macy Macy Spouse Room.png
Mark icon.png Mark Mark Spouse Room.png
Millie icon.png Millie Millie Spouse Room.png
Nina icon.png Nina Nina Spouse Room.png
Noah icon.png Noah Noah Spouse Room.png
Pablo icon.png Pablo Pablo Spouse Room.png
Rafael icon.png Rafael Rafael Spouse Room.png
Raj icon.png Raj Raj Spouse Room.png
Scott icon.png Scott Scott Spouse Room.png
Suki icon.png Suki File:Suki Spouse Room.png
Surya icon.png Surya Surya Spouse Room.png
Theo icon.png Theo Theo Spouse Room.png
Wakuu icon.png Wakuu Wakuu Spouse Room.png
Yuri icon.png Yuri Yuri Spouse Room.png
Zarah icon.png Zarah Zarah Spouse Room.png


  • Ben, Charles, Millie, and Suki were not initially romance candidates. They were added to the original 16-character roster after Coral Island's Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign reached its US$750,000 stretch goal.[2]