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Relationship is the system that allows the player to form a bond of friendship with residents of Coral Island. Stories and dialogue are unlocked as the player increases heart levels. The relationship does not decay over time.

Heart points

Relationship with a character is represented with a heart gauge that is filled over time as the player talks to the character or gives them gifts.

Heart level Heart points required Total points
3991 Hearts.png 300 300
4112 Hearts.png 350 650
4223 Hearts.png 400 1,050
4344 Hearts.png 450 1,500
4555 Hearts.png 500 2,000
4696 Hearts.png 550 2,550
4827 Hearts.png 600 3,150
4988 Hearts.png 650 3,800
5189 Hearts.png 700 4,500
53410 Hearts.png 750 5,250

Heart Event

Gaining friendship hearts with each character will unlock unique events. The event triggers and conditions are vary.

Earning Heart Points

The player can earn heart points with characters by doing activities such as:

  • Chatting with them.
  • Giving them gifts.
  • Doing errands.
  • Participating in festival.
  • Increasing town rank points.
  • Expanding museum.
  • Healing the ocean.
  • Completing 20 Offerings.


The player can chatt with each character to get heart points per day. The player can chat with a character as many times as they want until their lines for the day are exhausted.

During a normal day, the player can get 35 heart points when talking with characters. During festivals, the player can gain 50 heart points.


Gifting is one of the ways to earn heart points with characters. The player can give each character up to two gifts per one in-game week (plus one additional gift on a character's birthday). In order to gift an item, the player needs to place it in their inventory and interact with the character they want to gift the item to.

Most items in the game, such as scavengeables, crops, fish, insects, artisan products, meals, and even trash, can be gifted. Each character has their individual gift preferences: they can love, like, dislike or hate the gift, or have no reaction to it - the more the character likes the gift, the bigger the relationship level gain, and vice versa if they dislike the item. Characters will have different interactions with the player based on their preference towards the item.

Category Value
Love +140
Like +70
Neutral +35
Dislike -35
Hate -70

Heart points from gifts could also be multiplied by giving it during character birthday.

Category Multiplier
During character birthday 5,0x
Bronze 1,15x
Silver 1,3x
Gold 1,5x
Osmium 2,0x


Completing errands for other characters can also earn an additional of 175 heart points to the requester.


Participating in festival could also earn heart points towards all townies character. Here is the value points for each activities in festival:

Activity Value
Winning pot luck +150
Winning pet race +150
Winning harvest festival +150
Participate tree planting +70

Town Rank

Increasing town rank could also earn heart points towards all townies character. Here is the value points for each town rank:

Activity Value
Town Rank E +70
Town Rank D +85
Town Rank C +100
Town Rank B +125
Town Rank A +150


Expanding museum could also earn 70 heart points toward townies character.

Healing Ocean

Healing all the coral could also earn 150 heart points towards townies character.

Temple Offering

Completing 20 offerings could also earn 150 heart points towards townies character.