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Olan is a Merfolk from the Merfolk Kingdom. He is unable to be befriended at this time.

He works in the castle as the royal chef. He is in charge of Apo, who is his apprentice.


The adventurous royal chef, brings a world of flavors to the Kingdom. Having traveled across the vast ocean, he infuses his culinary creations with his passion for exploration.

In-game profile

Olan is even-tempered and reserved, preferring to keep to himself to make sure that he makes the best meals possible. Though he claims to have little in the way of imagination or creativity, he is in fact very creative when cooking — and his meals always seem to come out great.

He is old friends with the royal family, particularly the king, which is how he got the job when he was younger. Other Merfolk treat Olan with respect, as they know how good his cooking is and that he is close with the royals.


All seasons

08:00 Cooking Staff House - kitchen
11:00 Castle garden
13:00 General shop - outdoor
16:00 Cooking Staff House - kitchen
21:00 Cooking Staff House - Olan's room
Monday - Saturday
07:00 Naga Castle - kitchen
17:30 Naga Castle - dining room
18:40 Cooking Staff House - dining room
22:00 Cooking Staff House - Olan's room
Sunday (bad weather)
10:00 Cooking Staff House - kitchen
12:00 General shop
16:00 Cooking Staff House - kitchen
21:00 Cooking Staff House - Olan's room