Ratih's Float Market

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Ratih's Float Market is a shop located in Town, in front of Raja's Coffee Corner. It is owned and run by Ratih. The shop can be found by the docks, in front of Raja's Coffee Corner on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings.


Every week, Ratih's Float Market offers a random selection of the items from the following groups:

  • Artisan Product (4 Items)
  • Crops (2 Items)
  • Seeds (2 Items)

The Float Market stock refreshes weekly before the store opens on Tuesday, and will be sold out for the week once purchased. The items sold have a 70% of 1 being available and a 30% chance of 5 being available, with no change to the price.

Artisan products

The artisan products sold offer one item of each type, with 3 or 4 types at once.

Barley beer.png Barley beerCoin.png × 750Alcohol
Beer.png BeerCoin.png × 500Alcohol
Sake.png SakeCoin.png × 550Alcohol
Wine.png WineCoin.png × 1,300Alcohol
Cheese.png CheeseCoin.png × 375Cheese
Cheese wheel.png Cheese wheelCoin.png × 625Cheese
Goat cheese.png Goat cheeseCoin.png × 800Cheese
Goat cheese wheel.png Goat cheese wheelCoin.png × 1,310Cheese
Fermented cheese.png Fermented cheeseCoin.png × 1,125Cheese
Fermented cheese wheel.png Fermented cheese wheelCoin.png × 1,875Cheese
Fermented goat cheese.png Fermented goat cheeseCoin.png × 790Cheese
Fermented goat cheese wheel.png Fermented goat cheese wheelCoin.png × 3,950Cheese
Mayonnaise.png MayonnaiseCoin.png × 175Mayonnaise
Large mayonnaise.png Large mayonnaiseCoin.png × 285Mayonnaise
Duck mayonnaise.png Duck mayonnaiseCoin.png × 260Mayonnaise
Large duck mayonnaise.png Large duck mayonnaiseCoin.png × 425Mayonnaise
Quail mayonnaise.png Quail mayonnaiseCoin.png × 810Mayonnaise
Large quail mayonnaise.png Large quail mayonnaiseCoin.png × 1,340Mayonnaise
Almond oil.png Almond oilCoin.png × 485Oil
Black truffle oil.png Black truffle oilCoin.png × 1,600Oil
Canola oil.png Canola oilCoin.png × 150Oil
Olive oil.png Olive oilCoin.png × 375Oil
White truffle oil.png White truffle oilCoin.png × 2,540Oil
Amaranth juice.png Amaranth juiceCoin.png × 42Juice
Apple juice.png Apple juiceCoin.png × 450Juice
Artichoke juice.png Artichoke juiceCoin.png × 85Juice
Avocado juice.png Avocado juiceCoin.png × 185Juice
Banana juice.png Banana juiceCoin.png × 160Juice
Basil juice.png Basil juiceCoin.png × 115Juice
Beet juice.png Beet juiceCoin.png × 50Juice
Bell pepper juice.png Bell pepper juiceCoin.png × 135Juice
Bok choy juice.png Bok choy juiceCoin.png × 165Juice
Cane nectar.png Cane nectarCoin.png × 65Juice
Carrot juice.png Carrot juiceCoin.png × 235Juice
Cauliflower juice.png Cauliflower juiceCoin.png × 465Juice
Chard juice.png Chard juiceCoin.png × 335Juice
Corn juice.png Corn juiceCoin.png × 65Juice
Cranberry juice.png Cranberry juiceCoin.png × 50Juice
Cucumber juice.png Cucumber juiceCoin.png × 115Juice
Dragon fruit juice.png Dragon fruit juiceCoin.png × 215Juice
Durian juice.png Durian juiceCoin.png × 515Juice
Eggplant juice.png Eggplant juiceCoin.png × 100Juice
Garlic juice.png Garlic juiceCoin.png × 315Juice
Hot pepper juice.png Hot pepper juiceCoin.png × 100Juice
Jackfruit juice.png Jackfruit juiceCoin.png × 240Juice
Lemon juice.png Lemon juiceCoin.png × 200Juice
Lettuce juice.png Lettuce juiceCoin.png × 140Juice
Lychee juice.png Lychee juiceCoin.png × 250Juice
Mango juice.png Mango juiceCoin.png × 450Juice
Melon juice.png Melon juiceCoin.png × 715Juice
Okra juice.png Okra juiceCoin.png × 165Juice
Orange juice.png Orange juiceCoin.png × 450Juice
Papaya juice.png Papaya juiceCoin.png × 215Juice
Peach juice.png Peach juiceCoin.png × 510Juice
Pear juice.png Pear juiceCoin.png × 215Juice
Peas juice.png Peas juiceCoin.png × 165Juice
Pineapple juice.png Pineapple juiceCoin.png × 615Juice
Plum juice.png Plum juiceCoin.png × 215Juice
Potato juice.png Potato juiceCoin.png × 215Juice
Pumpkin juice.png Pumpkin juiceCoin.png × 335Juice
Radish juice.png Radish juiceCoin.png × 360Juice
Rambutan juice.png Rambutan juiceCoin.png × 235Juice
Red cabbage juice.png Red cabbage juiceCoin.png × 315Juice
Snake fruit juice.png Snake fruit juiceCoin.png × 215Juice
Star fruit juice.png Star fruit juiceCoin.png × 335Juice
Strawberry juice.png Strawberry juiceCoin.png × 300Juice
Sweet potato juice.png Sweet potato juiceCoin.png × 85Juice
Taro root juice.png Taro root juiceCoin.png × 150Juice
Tomato juice.png Tomato juiceCoin.png × 60Juice
Turnip juice.png Turnip juiceCoin.png × 65Juice
Watermelon juice.png Watermelon juiceCoin.png × 315Juice
Blue dahlia honey.png Blue dahlia honeyCoin.png × 390Honey
Canola honey.png Canola honeyCoin.png × 150Honey
Cosmo honey.png Cosmo honeyCoin.png × 65Honey
Daffodil honey.png Daffodil honeyCoin.png × 50Honey
Daisy honey.png Daisy honeyCoin.png × 150Honey
Fairy rose honey.png Fairy rose honeyCoin.png × 760Honey
Gardenia honey.png Gardenia honeyCoin.png × 175Honey
Hibiscus honey.png Hibiscus honeyCoin.png × 85Honey
Iris honey.png Iris honeyCoin.png × 300Honey
Jepun honey.png Jepun honeyCoin.png × 50Honey
Larkspur honey.png Larkspur honeyCoin.png × 65Honey
Lotus honey.png Lotus honeyCoin.png × 100Honey
Orchid honey.png Orchid honeyCoin.png × 575Honey
Pansy honey.png Pansy honeyCoin.png × 50Honey
Peony honey.png Peony honeyCoin.png × 165Honey
Rafflesia black honey.png Rafflesia black honeyCoin.png × 5,000Honey
Rose honey.png Rose honeyCoin.png × 160Honey
Snowdrop honey.png Snowdrop honeyCoin.png × 500Honey
Sunflower honey.png Sunflower honeyCoin.png × 275Honey
Titan arum black honey.png Titan arum black honeyCoin.png × 5,000Honey
Tulip honey.png Tulip honeyCoin.png × 50Honey
Violet honey.png Violet honeyCoin.png × 65Honey
White hibiscus honey.png White hibiscus honeyCoin.png × 135Honey


Every day Ratih has one type of seeds (or one type of seeds and one seedling) for sale. The seeds available are determined by the player's town rank and the current season. The seed prices are the same as they are at Sam's General Store. The town rank required for certain seeds sold in this shop do not match the town ranks required for the same seeds at the general store.

ItemPriceSeasonTown rank
Blackberry seeds.png Blackberry seedsCoin.png × 40SummerC
Bok choy seeds.png Bok choy seedsCoin.png × 60FallC
Chard seeds.png Chard seedsCoin.png × 60SpringD
Coffee seeds.png Coffee seedsCoin.png × 70SummerC
Garlic seeds.png Garlic seedsCoin.png × 30FallC
Snake fruit seedling.png Snake fruit seedlingCoin.png × 1,200SpringC