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  • Map of Coral Island
    Starlet Town is the heart of Coral Island. Not only is it roomy and features a butterfly garden, but this charming little town also has stories hidden behind its townees.
  • Stores and other important areas the player can find intown are:
  • The Beach is rich with sparkly white sands, seashells, and seasonal fruits. The Beach Shack can be found here which sells food, On the pier sits the Coral Inn and a gateway to ocean exploration, the Diving Pier.
  • The Lake guards perhaps the most magical place in Coral Island. The Alun-Alun Square can be found adjacent to the lake, but across a nearby bridge lies an ancient temple. Player's can make offerings here to strengthen the Goddess of the temple, and help restore the health of Coral Island.
  • The Forest is a mystic sanctuary for wildlife, filled with ruins and who-knows-what. Underneath the musky floor, it's a hoarding place for messages from the past, the Cavern. The Band of Smiles Guild can be found in the forest to provide players the tools to help them in the Cavern. Near the players farm lies the Ranch where players can buy all their ranching needs. Ben's Caravan can be found deeper in the forest, selling various random things that Ben finds.
  • The Cavern is where players can mine rocks, fight monsters, and delve deeper to uncover a story trapped within the stones.
  • The Lookout used to be a place where locals prepared for battles of old and whatnot. As time passed, the Lighthouse is now solely used for navigational aid. Late at night a black market can be sometimes found.
  • The Woodlands used to be part of the Forest, but since the arrival of humans, it is now tamed and family-friendly, without losing its green allure. Walk alongside the river to see the School, Taco Truck, and houses belonging to those who prefer quiet nights over paved pathways of the town.
  • The Hot Springs are an area where townees can relax to restore their stamina, however due to the declining health of the island it is currently dried up.
  • Hillside, sandwiched between the Forest and Woodlands, is the perfect combination of green and privacy. The Vineyard is located here, along with the Carpenter where players can get upgrades to their house or farm buildings.

Other Areas

  • The Ocean is the underwater world accessible by Diving. Players can explore The Ocean to clean up the trash and other messes that have ruined the ocean in order to improve the ocean quality.
  • The Savannah is a nearby area outside of Coral Island. Here lies a dungeon that contains the most dangerous combat
  • Pokyo is a nearby town where the player used to work. Pokyo is a much busier town with high rise buildings