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Furniture, or Furniture Store, is a shop located in Town. It is owned by Joko, a skilled carpenter who lives with his family in the Carpenter. Joko has always dreamed of opening his own furniture showroom, and now that dream has become a reality. Furniture shop is located in the town center, on the right side of Ling's Lab. Furniture Store shares a building with Socket Electronics.

More items are available as the player increases their town rank. The shop offers various styles of furniture. Every Monday, the furniture shop will feature some discounted items. The player can see the featured furniture on the display inside the furniture shop.


Indoor furniture

This list is for the furniture that can be used to decorate the inside of the farmhouse.

Cabin wall clock.png Cabin wall clockCoin.png × 3401x1WallCabin Wood
Oil lamp banner.png Oil lamp bannerCoin.png × 3501x1WallCabin Wood
Cabin stool.png Cabin stoolCoin.png × 3601x1ComfortCabin Wood
Cabin flooring.png Cabin flooringCoin.png × 360-PatternsCabin Wood
Cabin wall.png Cabin wallCoin.png × 360-PatternsCabin Wood
Cabin kitchen rug.png Cabin kitchen rugCoin.png × 4201x2DecorationCabin Wood
Cabin chair.png Cabin chairCoin.png × 4801x2ComfortCabin Wood
Cabin indoor plant.png Cabin indoor plantCoin.png × 4801x2PlantCabin Wood
Cabin wall mirror.png Cabin wall mirrorCoin.png × 4801x1WallCabin Wood
Cabin wall rack.png Cabin wall rackCoin.png × 4801x2WallCabin Wood
Mountain view painting.png Mountain view paintingCoin.png × 5001x3WallCabin Wood
Cabin side table.png Cabin side tableCoin.png × 8401x1TableCabin Wood
Cabin big window.png Cabin big windowCoin.png × 9601x2WallCabin Wood
Cabin small window.png Cabin small windowCoin.png × 9601x2WallCabin Wood
Cabin short cabinet.png Cabin short cabinetCoin.png × 9901x2StorageCabin Wood
Cabin round table.png Cabin round tableCoin.png × 1,3202x2TableCabin Wood
Cabin sofa.png Cabin sofaCoin.png × 1,4402x2ComfortCabin Wood
Cabin tall cabinet.png Cabin tall cabinetCoin.png × 1,4401x2StorageCabin Wood
Cabin kitchen counter.png Cabin kitchen counterCoin.png × 1,4401x2TableCabin Wood
Cabin rug.png Cabin rugCoin.png × 1,8002x5DecorationCabin Wood
Cabin table.png Cabin tableCoin.png × 2,1601x2TableCabin Wood
Cabin bar table.png Cabin bar tableCoin.png × 2,1602x4TableCabin Wood
Cabin bench.png Cabin benchCoin.png × 2,4001x3ComfortCabin Wood
Cabin fireplace.png Cabin fireplaceCoin.png × 2,6401x2DecorationCabin Wood
Cabin bed.png Cabin bedCoin.png × 3,0003x3ComfortCabin Wood
Wood-framed mirror.png Wood-framed mirrorCoin.png × 4801x2WallJavanese
Javanese-themed flooring.png Javanese-themed flooringCoin.png × 570-PatternsJavanese
File:Javanese-themed wall.png Javanese-themed wallCoin.png × 570-PatternsJavanese
Saron.png SaronCoin.png × 5901x1DecorationJavanese
Javanese bride and groom.png Javanese bride and groomCoin.png × 6501x1DecorationJavanese
Blue Javanese rug.png Blue Javanese rugCoin.png × 6703x4DecorationJavanese
Javanese chair.png Javanese chairCoin.png × 7602x2ComfortJavanese
Javanese room divider.png Javanese room dividerCoin.png × 7601x4DecorationJavanese
Antique sewing machine.png Antique sewing machineCoin.png × 7601x2DecorationJavanese
File:Javanese lamp.png Javanese lampCoin.png × 7601x1ElectronicJavanese
Javanese wall lamp.png Javanese wall lampCoin.png × 7601x1WallJavanese
File:Engraved javanese mirror.png Engraved javanese mirrorCoin.png × 7601x2WallJavanese
Javanese clock.png Javanese clockCoin.png × 7601x1WallJavanese
Hanging keris.png Hanging kerisCoin.png × 8401x1WallJavanese
Batik wall decoration.png Batik wall decorationCoin.png × 1,1901x2WallJavanese
Javanese small table.png Javanese small tableCoin.png × 1,3301x2TableJavanese
Javanese short cabinet.png Javanese short cabinetCoin.png × 1,4801x2StorageJavanese
Javanese window.png Javanese windowCoin.png × 1,5201x2WallJavanese
Javanese TV table.png Javanese TV tableCoin.png × 2,0901x3ElectronicJavanese
Javanese tall cabinet.png Javanese tall cabinetCoin.png × 2,2801x2StorageJavanese
Yellow symmetry rug.png Yellow symmetry rugCoin.png × 2,8503x4DecorationJavanese
Javanese desk.png Javanese deskCoin.png × 3,4201x2TableJavanese
Javanese couch.png Javanese couchCoin.png × 3,8001x3ComfortJavanese
Javanese bed.png Javanese bedCoin.png × 4,7503x3ComfortJavanese
Javanese wardrobe.png Javanese wardrobeCoin.png × 5,7001x2StorageJavanese
Art deco wall.png Art deco wallCoin.png × 750-PatternsArt Deco
Art deco flooring.png Art deco flooringCoin.png × 750-PatternsArt Deco
Art deco rug.png Art deco rugCoin.png × 8802x3DecorationArt Deco
Art deco classic rug.png Art deco classic rugCoin.png × 8802x4DecorationArt Deco
Art deco room divider.png Art deco room dividerCoin.png × 9001x4DecorationArt Deco
Art potted plant.png Art potted plantCoin.png × 1,0001x1PlantArt Deco
Art deco mirror.png Art deco mirrorCoin.png × 1,0001x2WallArt Deco
Art deco round chair.png Art deco round chairCoin.png × 1,0002x2ComfortArt Deco
Art deco round shelves.png Art deco round shelvesCoin.png × 1,0001x2DecorationArt Deco
Art deco photo frame.png Art deco photo frameCoin.png × 1,0001x1DecorationArt Deco
Art deco lamp.png Art deco lampCoin.png × 1,3101x1ElectronicArt Deco
Art deco hanging lamp.png Art deco hanging lampCoin.png × 1,5001x1ElectronicArt Deco
Art small glass table.png Art small glass tableCoin.png × 1,7501x1TableArt Deco
Art deco square window.png Art deco square windowCoin.png × 2,0001x2WallArt Deco
Art deco round window.png Art deco round windowCoin.png × 2,0001x2WallArt Deco
Art deco glass table.png Art deco glass tableCoin.png × 2,7502x2TableArt Deco
Art deco table.png Art deco tableCoin.png × 3,0001x2TableArt Deco
Art deco chair.png Art deco chairCoin.png × 3,0002x2ComfortArt Deco
Art deco cabinet.png Art deco cabinetCoin.png × 3,0001x2StorageArt Deco
Art deco big rug.png Art deco big rugCoin.png × 3,7503x4DecorationArt Deco
Art deco sofa.png Art deco sofaCoin.png × 3,9502x4ComfortArt Deco
Art deco bed.png Art deco bedCoin.png × 6,2503x3ComfortArt Deco
Art deco wardrobe.png Art deco wardrobeCoin.png × 7,5001x2StorageArt Deco
Hinoki umbrella rack.png Hinoki umbrella rackCoin.png × 3901x1DecorationOriental
Patterned kotatsu chair.png Patterned kotatsu chairCoin.png × 4801x1ComfortOriental
Patterned kotatsu pillow.png Patterned kotatsu pillowCoin.png × 4801x1DecorationOriental
Small aquarium cabinet.png Small aquarium cabinetCoin.png × 5101x2StorageOriental
Hinoki short rack.png Hinoki short rackCoin.png × 5601x3DecorationOriental
Shoji-style shoes rack.png Shoji-style shoes rackCoin.png × 5701x2DecorationOriental
Shoji-style room divider.png Shoji-style room dividerCoin.png × 6501x4DecorationOriental
Cherry blossom plant.png Cherry blossom plantCoin.png × 6801x1PlantOriental
Green study chair.png Green study chairCoin.png × 6801x2ComfortOriental
Hinoki bookcase.png Hinoki bookcaseCoin.png × 6801x2DecorationOriental
Wave painting.png Wave paintingCoin.png × 6801x1WallOriental
Hinoki hanging rack.png Hinoki hanging rackCoin.png × 6801x2WallOriental
Ancient patterned vase.png Ancient patterned vaseCoin.png × 8801x1DecorationOriental
Medium aquarium cabinet.png Medium aquarium cabinetCoin.png × 9101x3StorageOriental
Cherry blossom painting.png Cherry blossom paintingCoin.png × 9501x1WallOriental
Large aquarium cabinet.png Large aquarium cabinetCoin.png × 1,3601x4StorageOriental
Shoji-style square window.png Shoji-style square windowCoin.png × 1,3601x2WallOriental
Shoji-style round window.png Shoji-style round windowCoin.png × 1,3601x2WallOriental
Shoji-style paper lamp.png Shoji-style paper lampCoin.png × 1,7001x1ElectronicOriental
Standing lantern lamp.png Standing lantern lampCoin.png × 1,7001x1ElectronicOriental
Hinoki TV table.png Hinoki TV tableCoin.png × 1,8701x3TableOriental
Hinoki study desk.png Hinoki study deskCoin.png × 2,3001x2TableOriental
Hinoki table.png Hinoki tableCoin.png × 2,4501x2TableOriental
Pokyo rug.png Pokyo rugCoin.png × 2,5503x4DecorationOriental
Patterned kotatsu.png Patterned kotatsuCoin.png × 3,0603x3TableOriental
Cloud futon.png Cloud futonCoin.png × 4,2502x3ComfortOriental
Beach-themed flooring.png Beach-themed flooringCoin.png × 660-PatternsBeach
Beach-themed wall.png Beach-themed wallCoin.png × 660-PatternsBeach
Surfboard.png SurfboardCoin.png × 7001x1DecorationBeach
Beach rug.png Beach rugCoin.png × 7704x4DecorationBeach
Rattan tall shelves.png Rattan tall shelvesCoin.png × 7701x1DecorationBeach
Simple window.png Simple windowCoin.png × 8001x2DecorationBeach
Rattan room divider.png Rattan room dividerCoin.png × 8801x4DecorationBeach
Rattan chair.png Rattan chairCoin.png × 8801x2ComfortBeach
Tropical potted plant.png Tropical potted plantCoin.png × 8801x1PlantBeach
Small tropical plant.png Small tropical plantCoin.png × 8801x1PlantBeach
Beach mandala banner.png Beach mandala bannerCoin.png × 8801x3WallBeach
Rattan side table.png Rattan side tableCoin.png × 1,5401x1TableBeach
Round rattan table.png Round rattan tableCoin.png × 1,9402x2TableBeach
Beach TV table.png Beach TV tableCoin.png × 2,4201x4TableBeach
Rattan small table.png Rattan small tableCoin.png × 2,4201x1TableBeach
Rattan sofa.png Rattan sofaCoin.png × 2,6402x2ComfortBeach
Simple white rug.png Simple white rugCoin.png × 3,3002x5DecorationBeach
Beach table.png Beach tableCoin.png × 3,9601x2TableBeach
Rattan long couch.png Rattan long couchCoin.png × 4,4002x4ComfortBeach
Rattan bed.png Rattan bedCoin.png × 5,5002x3ComfortBeach
Rattan dresser.png Rattan dresserCoin.png × 6,4701x1StorageBeach
Rattan wardrobe.png Rattan wardrobeCoin.png × 6,6001x2StorageBeach
Basic chair.png Basic chairCoin.png × 4001x2ComfortBasic
Calendar.png CalendarCoin.png × 4001x1WallBasic
Television.png TelevisionCoin.png × 4501x2ElectronicBasic
Basic window.png Basic windowCoin.png × 8001x3WallBasic
Basic cabinet.png Basic cabinetCoin.png × 1,2001x2StorageBasic
Basic table.png Basic tableCoin.png × 1,8002x2TableBasic
Basic cotton sofa.png Basic cotton sofaCoin.png × 2,0002x4ComfortBasic
Basic bed.png Basic bedCoin.png × 2,5002x3ComfortBasic
Gallon water jug.png Gallon water jugCoin.png × 2401x1DecorationKosan
Red plastic chair.png Red plastic chairCoin.png × 2501x1ComfortKosan
Hanging napkin.png Hanging napkinCoin.png × 3001x1WallKosan
Bucket.png BucketCoin.png × 3101x1DecorationKosan
Black trash bin.png Black trash binCoin.png × 3301x1DecorationKosan
Kosan wall.png Kosan wallCoin.png × 3301x1PatternsKosan
Kosan flooring.png Kosan flooringCoin.png × 3301x1PatternsKosan
Plastic shoe rack.png Plastic shoe rackCoin.png × 3501x1DecorationKosan
Red dot rug.png Red dot rugCoin.png × 3903x3DecorationKosan
3-level rack.png 3-level rackCoin.png × 4001x2DecorationKosan
Pile of clothes.png Pile of clothesCoin.png × 4002x2DecorationKosan
Corkboard.png CorkboardCoin.png × 4001x2WallKosan
Cheap hanger rack.png Cheap hanger rackCoin.png × 4001x2WallKosan
Box of noodles.png Box of noodlesCoin.png × 4001x1DecorationKosan
Small clothesline.png Small clotheslineCoin.png × 4401x1DecorationKosan
Framed long mirror.png Framed long mirrorCoin.png × 4401x1DecorationKosan
Blue round clock.png Blue round clockCoin.png × 4401x1WallKosan
Laundry hamper.png Laundry hamperCoin.png × 4401x2DecorationKosan
Cheap metal window.png Cheap metal windowCoin.png × 8801x2WallKosan
Colorful plastic shelves.png Colorful plastic shelvesCoin.png × 9901x1StorageKosan
Blue fabric wardrobe.png Blue fabric wardrobeCoin.png × 1,1601x2StorageKosan
Top-load washing machine.png Top-load washing machineCoin.png × 1,5001x1DecorationKosan
Student desk.png Student deskCoin.png × 1,9801x2TableKosan
Cotton bed.png Cotton bedCoin.png × 2,7502x3ComfortKosan
Baroque wall.png Baroque wallCoin.png × 780-PatternBaroque
Baroque flooring.png Baroque flooringCoin.png × 780-PatternBaroque
Baroque mirror.png Baroque mirrorCoin.png × 8401x2WallBaroque
Baroque rug.png Baroque rugCoin.png × 9104x4DecorationBaroque
Baroque short shelves.png Baroque short shelvesCoin.png × 9401x2DecorationBaroque
Baroque statue.png Baroque statueCoin.png × 1,0001x1DecorationBaroque
Baroque chair.png Baroque chairCoin.png × 1,0401x1ComfortBaroque
Baroque candle.png Baroque candleCoin.png × 1,0401x1WallBaroque
Baroque hanging rack.png Baroque hanging rackCoin.png × 1,0401x2WallBaroque
Baroque round mirror.png Baroque round mirrorCoin.png × 1,0401x2WallBaroque
Baroque potted plant.png Baroque potted plantCoin.png × 1,0401x1PlantBaroque
Grandfather clock.png Grandfather clockCoin.png × 1,0401x1DecorationBaroque
Baroque vanity table.png Baroque vanity tableCoin.png × 1,8201x3TableBaroque
Baroque bedside table.png Baroque bedside tableCoin.png × 1,8201x1TableBaroque
Baroque window.png Baroque windowCoin.png × 2,0801x2WallBaroque
Baroque white chair.png Baroque white chairCoin.png × 3,1201x1ComfortBaroque
Baroque white rug.png Baroque white rugCoin.png × 3,9002x5DecorationBaroque
Baroque long couch.png Baroque long couchCoin.png × 3,9101x3ComfortBaroque
Baroque table.png Baroque tableCoin.png × 4,6802x4TableBaroque
Baroque sofa.png Baroque sofaCoin.png × 5,2002x4ComfortBaroque
Baroque fireplace.png Baroque fireplaceCoin.png × 5,7201x3DecorationBaroque
Baroque bed.png Baroque bedCoin.png × 6,5003x3ComfortBaroque
Baroque wardrobe.png Baroque wardrobeCoin.png × 7,8001x2StorageBaroque
Classic piano.png Classic pianoCoin.png × 7,8001x2DecorationBaroque
Bauhaus wall.png Bauhaus wallCoin.png × 480-PatternBauhaus
Bauhaus flooring.png Bauhaus flooringCoin.png × 480-PatternBauhaus
Bauhaus clothes rack.png Bauhaus clothes rackCoin.png × 5101x1DecorationBauhaus
Radiator.png RadiatorCoin.png × 5801x1Bauhaus
Bauhaus potted plant.png Bauhaus potted plantCoin.png × 6401x1PlantBauhaus
Bauhaus mirror.png Bauhaus mirrorCoin.png × 6401x1DecorationBauhaus
Bauhaus study chair.png Bauhaus study chairCoin.png × 6401x1ComfortBauhaus
Composition painting.png Composition paintingCoin.png × 6401x1WallBauhaus
Bauhaus bedside table.png Bauhaus bedside tableCoin.png × 1,1201x1TableBauhaus
Bauhaus window.png Bauhaus windowCoin.png × 1,2801x2WallBauhaus
Bauhaus lamp.png Bauhaus lampCoin.png × 1,6001x1ElectronicBauhaus
Bauhaus round table.png Bauhaus round tableCoin.png × 1,7602x3TableBauhaus
Bauhaus chair.png Bauhaus chairCoin.png × 1,9201x2ComfortBauhaus
Bauhaus rug.png Bauhaus rugCoin.png × 2,4003x4DecorationBauhaus
Bauhaus round rug.png Bauhaus round rugCoin.png × 2,4003x3DecorationBauhaus
Bauhaus study desk.png Bauhaus study deskCoin.png × 2,8801x3TableBauhaus
Bauhaus sofa.png Bauhaus sofaCoin.png × 3,2002x4ComfortBauhaus
Bauhaus shelves.png Bauhaus shelvesCoin.png × 3,8401x2Bauhaus
Bauhaus bed.png Bauhaus bedCoin.png × 4,0003x3ComfortBauhaus
Bauhaus wardrobe.png Bauhaus wardrobeCoin.png × 4,8001x2StorageBauhaus
Gaming room wall.png Gaming room wallCoin.png × 810-PatternGaming Room
Gaming room flooring.png Gaming room flooringCoin.png × 810-PatternGaming Room
Gamer rug.png Gamer rugCoin.png × 9503x3DecorationGaming Room
Gamer chair.png Gamer chairCoin.png × 1,0801x1ComfortGaming Room
Gamer small bookcase.png Gamer small bookcaseCoin.png × 1,0801x1DecorationGaming Room
Gamer painting.png Gamer paintingCoin.png × 1,0801x1WallGaming Room
Blue and black wall decor.png Blue and black wall decorCoin.png × 1,2901x2WallGaming Room
Modern wall decor.png Modern wall decorCoin.png × 1,2901x2WallGaming Room
Gamer big bookcase.png Gamer big bookcaseCoin.png × 1,3501x2DecorationGaming Room
DJ turntable.png DJ turntableCoin.png × 1,5401x3DecorationGaming Room
Studio lamp.png Studio lampCoin.png × 1,6101x1ElectronicGaming Room
Gamer side table.png Gamer side tableCoin.png × 1,8901x1TableGaming Room
Cream-colored blinds.png Cream-colored blindsCoin.png × 2,1601x2WallGaming Room
Gamer TV table.png Gamer TV tableCoin.png × 2,7001x3ElectronicGaming Room
Futuristic floor lamp.png Futuristic floor lampCoin.png × 2,7001x1ElectronicGaming Room
Bean bag.png Bean bagCoin.png × 3,2402x2ComfortGaming Room
Electric keyboard.png Electric keyboardCoin.png × 3,8601x2DecorationGaming Room
Stairway rug.png Stairway rugCoin.png × 4,0503x3DecorationGaming Room
Gamer table set.png Gamer table setCoin.png × 4,8601x3TableGaming Room
Arcade cabinet.png Arcade cabinetCoin.png × 5,1401x1DecorationGaming Room
Gamer couch.png Gamer couchCoin.png × 5,4002x3ComfortGaming Room
Bunk bed.png Bunk bedCoin.png × 6,7502x3ComfortGaming Room
Classic wall.png Classic wallCoin.png × 840-PatternNeo Classical
Classic flooring.png Classic flooringCoin.png × 840-PatternNeo Classical
Classic potted plant.png Classic potted plantCoin.png × 1,1201x1PlantNeo Classical
Classic chair.png Classic chairCoin.png × 1,1201x1ComfortNeo Classical
Classic bookcase.png Classic bookcaseCoin.png × 1,1201x2DecorationNeo Classical
Classic painting.png Classic paintingCoin.png × 1,3401x1WallNeo Classical
Classic bedside table.png Classic bedside tableCoin.png × 1,9601x1TableNeo Classical
Classic wall lamp.png Classic wall lampCoin.png × 1,9601x1ElectronicNeo Classical
Classic window.png Classic windowCoin.png × 2,2401x2WallNeo Classical
Classic TV table.png Classic TV tableCoin.png × 2,8001x3ElectronicNeo Classical
Classic lamp.png Classic lampCoin.png × 2,8001x1ElectronicNeo Classical
Classic glass table.png Classic glass tableCoin.png × 3,0802x3TableNeo Classical
Classic white rug.png Classic white rugCoin.png × 4,2003x3DecorationNeo Classical
Classic rug.png Classic rugCoin.png × 4,2002x5DecorationNeo Classical
Classic vanity table.png Classic vanity tableCoin.png × 5,0401x2TableNeo Classical
Classic couch.png Classic couchCoin.png × 5,6001x3ComfortNeo Classical
Classic fireplace.png Classic fireplaceCoin.png × 6,1601x2DecorationNeo Classical
Classic bed.png Classic bedCoin.png × 7,0003x3ComfortNeo Classical
Spider web.png Spider webCoin.png × 7801x2Halloween
Witch's broom.png Witch's broomCoin.png × 8401x1Halloween
Spooky flooring.png Spooky flooringCoin.png × 900-Halloween
Spooky cobblestone flooring.png Spooky cobblestone flooringCoin.png × 900-Halloween
File:Spooky spiderweb wall.png Spooky spiderweb wallCoin.png × 900-Halloween
Spooky green wall.png Spooky green wallCoin.png × 900-Halloween
Purple distressed wall.png Purple distressed wallCoin.png × 900-Halloween
Mysterious goo spill.png Mysterious goo spillCoin.png × 1,0501x3Halloween
Cute ghost decor.png Cute ghost decorCoin.png × 1,2001x1Halloween
Spider web room divider.png Spider web room dividerCoin.png × 1,2001x3Halloween
Ghost chair.png Ghost chairCoin.png × 1,2001x1Halloween
Spooky purple chair.png Spooky purple chairCoin.png × 1,2001x1Halloween
Pumpkin lamp.png Pumpkin lampCoin.png × 1,8001x1Halloween
Haunted mirror.png Haunted mirrorCoin.png × 2,0001x2Halloween
Ghost table with skull candle.png Ghost table with skull candleCoin.png × 2,1001x1Halloween
Ghost table with voodoo doll.png Ghost table with voodoo dollCoin.png × 2,1001x1Halloween
Monster window.png Monster windowCoin.png × 2,4001x2Halloween
Spooky theme window.png Spooky theme windowCoin.png × 2,4001x2Halloween
Plague doctor lantern.png Plague doctor lanternCoin.png × 2,7301x1Halloween
Spooky standing candle.png Spooky standing candleCoin.png × 3,0001x1Halloween
Ghost standing lamp.png Ghost standing lampCoin.png × 3,0001x1Halloween
Ghost table.png Ghost tableCoin.png × 3,3001x3Halloween
Spooky bookcase.png Spooky bookcaseCoin.png × 3,6001x2Halloween
Stacked pumpkin lamp.png Stacked pumpkin lampCoin.png × 3,6001x1Halloween
Mysterious goo shelf.png Mysterious goo shelfCoin.png × 4,5001x2Halloween
Spooky rug.png Spooky rugCoin.png × 4,5004x5Halloween
Coffin sofa indoor.png Coffin sofa indoorCoin.png × 6,0002x3Halloween
Witch's cauldron.png Witch's cauldronCoin.png × 6,6002x2Halloween
Spooky bed.png Spooky bedCoin.png × 7,5003x3Halloween
Haunted wardrobe.png Haunted wardrobeCoin.png × 9,0001x2Halloween
Small potted plant.png Small potted plantCoin.png × 1501x1
Blue rug.png Blue rugCoin.png × 1802x3
Fireplace.png FireplaceCoin.png × 7501x2

Outdoor furniture

This list is for the furniture that can be placed around the farm, outside of the farmhouse

Stone pebble floor tile.png Stone pebble floor tileCoin.png × 401x1ExteriorCabin Wood
Stone hedge fence.png Stone hedge fenceCoin.png × 401x1ExteriorCabin Wood
Wooden flower arch gate.png Wooden flower arch gateCoin.png × 1001x3ExteriorCabin Wood
Camp grill.png Camp grillCoin.png × 5002x2DecorationsCabin Wood
Square stone flower pot.png Square stone flower potCoin.png × 6001x1PlantCabin Wood
Flower rock arch.png Flower rock archCoin.png × 6001x3ExteriorCabin Wood
Log chair.png Log chairCoin.png × 6001x1Outdoor furnitureCabin Wood
Camp bonfire.png Camp bonfireCoin.png × 6002x2LightingsCabin Wood
Lamppost.png LamppostCoin.png × 7001x1LightingsCabin Wood
White flowering bush.png White flowering bushCoin.png × 8101x1PlantCabin Wood
Pink flowering bush.png Pink flowering bushCoin.png × 8101x1PlantCabin Wood
Round stone flower pot.png Round stone flower potCoin.png × 9001x1PlantCabin Wood
Log flower pot.png Log flower potCoin.png × 9001x3PlantCabin Wood
Log desk.png Log deskCoin.png × 1,0001x1Outdoor furnitureCabin Wood
Stone desk.png Stone deskCoin.png × 1,2002x3Outdoor furnitureCabin Wood
Log bench.png Log benchCoin.png × 1,2002x3Outdoor furnitureCabin Wood
Stone bench.png Stone benchCoin.png × 1,4401x3Outdoor furnitureCabin Wood
Stone waterfall.png Stone waterfallCoin.png × 2,0003x3StructureCabin Wood
Wooden swing.png Wooden swingCoin.png × 2,0001x3DecorationsCabin Wood
Tribal hut.png Tribal hutCoin.png × 5,0003x3StructureCabin Wood
Wood path.png Wood pathCoin.png × 51x1ExteriorJavanese
Javanese fence.png Javanese fenceCoin.png × 401x1ExteriorJavanese
Javanese gate.png Javanese gateCoin.png × 1101x3ExteriorJavanese
Wooden bird cage.png Wooden bird cageCoin.png × 4501x1DecorationsJavanese
Lisung.png LisungCoin.png × 5501x3DecorationsJavanese
Umbul-umbul.png Umbul-umbulCoin.png × 5501x1DecorationsJavanese
Bakulan.png BakulanCoin.png × 6101x3DecorationsJavanese
Clinging orchid.png Clinging orchidCoin.png × 6601x1PlantJavanese
Javanese flower pillar.png Javanese flower pillarCoin.png × 6601x1PlantJavanese
Javanese arch.png Javanese archCoin.png × 7301x3ExteriorJavanese
Javanese lady statue.png Javanese lady statueCoin.png × 8801x1DecorationsJavanese
Javanese outdoor table.png Javanese outdoor tableCoin.png × 1,1001x3Outdoor furnitureJavanese
Javanese outdoor bench.png Javanese outdoor benchCoin.png × 1,3201x3Outdoor furnitureJavanese
Javanese garden lamp.png Javanese garden lampCoin.png × 1,6501x1LightingsJavanese
Batik hanging.png Batik hangingCoin.png × 1,6501x5DecorationsJavanese
Javanese stone fountain.png Javanese stone fountainCoin.png × 2,2005x5StructureJavanese
Wayang stage.png Wayang stageCoin.png × 2,5001x5DecorationsJavanese
Delman.png DelmanCoin.png × 3,8502x4DecorationsJavanese
Pendopo.png PendopoCoin.png × 5,5003x3StructureJavanese
Regal stone path.png Regal stone pathCoin.png × 701x1ExteriorOriental
Regal stone fence.png Regal stone fenceCoin.png × 701x1ExteriorOriental
Regal gate.png Regal gateCoin.png × 1701x1ExteriorOriental
Farmer garden cart.png Farmer garden cartCoin.png × 8502x3Oriental
Regal bonsai.png Regal bonsaiCoin.png × 1,0201x1PlantOriental
Regal garden lamp.png Regal garden lampCoin.png × 1,1901x1LightingsOriental
Regal arch.png Regal archCoin.png × 1,3301x3ExteriorOriental
Regal dragon garden statue.png Regal dragon garden statueCoin.png × 1,3603x3DecorationsOriental
Regal stone lion statue.png Regal stone lion statueCoin.png × 1,3601x1DecorationsOriental
Regal wooden table.png Regal wooden tableCoin.png × 1,7001x3Outdoor furnitureOriental
Regal wooden bench.png Regal wooden benchCoin.png × 2,0401x3Outdoor furnitureOriental
Regal bamboo fountain.png Regal bamboo fountainCoin.png × 3,4002x2StructureOriental
Regal painting sand decor.png Regal painting sand decorCoin.png × 4,2504x5DecorationsOriental
Regal bridge.png Regal bridgeCoin.png × 7,6503x3StructureOriental
Pagoda gazebo.png Pagoda gazeboCoin.png × 8,5003x3StructureOriental
Baroque fence.png Baroque fenceCoin.png × 901x1ExteriorBaroque
Baroque grass floor tile.png Baroque grass floor tileCoin.png × 901x1ExteriorBaroque
Baroque marble floor tile.png Baroque marble floor tileCoin.png × 901x1ExteriorBaroque
Baroque golden gate.png Baroque golden gateCoin.png × 2301x1ExteriorBaroque
Baroque flower pot.png Baroque flower potCoin.png × 1,3801x1PlantBaroque
Baroque arch bush.png Baroque arch bushCoin.png × 1,3801x3ExteriorBaroque
Baroque red flower bush.png Baroque red flower bushCoin.png × 1,6103x3PlantBaroque
Baroque yellow flower bush.png Baroque yellow flower bushCoin.png × 1,6103x3PlantBaroque
Baroque cow bush.png Baroque cow bushCoin.png × 1,8202x3DecorationsBaroque
Baroque stone table.png Baroque stone tableCoin.png × 2,3002x2Outdoor furnitureBaroque
Baroque marble table.png Baroque marble tableCoin.png × 2,3002x2Outdoor furnitureBaroque
Baroque swan bush.png Baroque swan bushCoin.png × 2,3902x1DecorationsBaroque
Baroque stone arch.png Baroque stone archCoin.png × 2,6901x3ExteriorBaroque
Baroque stone bench.png Baroque stone benchCoin.png × 2,7601x3Outdoor furnitureBaroque
Baroque marble bench.png Baroque marble benchCoin.png × 2,7601x3Outdoor furnitureBaroque
Baroque bear bush.png Baroque bear bushCoin.png × 2,8502x2DecorationsBaroque
Baroque horse bush.png Baroque horse bushCoin.png × 2,9403x2DecorationsBaroque
Baroque iron lamp.png Baroque iron lampCoin.png × 3,4501x1LightingsBaroque
Baroque stone waterfall.png Baroque stone waterfallCoin.png × 4,6001x2StructureBaroque
Baroque water fountain.png Baroque water fountainCoin.png × 4,6003x3StructureBaroque
Baroque venus statue.png Baroque venus statueCoin.png × 5,5201x1DecorationsBaroque
Baroque rotunda.png Baroque rotundaCoin.png × 11,5003x3StructureBaroque
Baroque gold lamp.png Baroque gold lampCoin.png × 24,2001x1LightingsBaroque
Spooky fence.png Spooky fenceCoin.png × 1201x1Halloween
Spooky candle fence.png Spooky candle fenceCoin.png × 3601x1ExteriorHalloween
Spiderweb gate.png Spiderweb gateCoin.png × 3801x1Halloween
Tombstone.png TombstoneCoin.png × 1,5001x1DecorationsHalloween
Spooky stone.png Spooky stoneCoin.png × 1,5001x2DecorationsHalloween
Spooky flower pillar.png Spooky flower pillarCoin.png × 1,8001x1DecorationsHalloween
Spooky chair.png Spooky chairCoin.png × 1,8001x1Outdoor furnitureHalloween
Spooky bonfire.png Spooky bonfireCoin.png × 1,8002x2LightingsHalloween
Spooky medium arch.png Spooky medium archCoin.png × 1,8001x3ExteriorHalloween
Spooky coffin.png Spooky coffinCoin.png × 1,9502x3DecorationsHalloween
Spooky red flower bush.png Spooky red flower bushCoin.png × 2,1001x2PlantHalloween
Spooky candy bush.png Spooky candy bushCoin.png × 2,1001x1PlantHalloween
Spooky small arch.png Spooky small archCoin.png × 2,5201x2ExteriorHalloween
Spooky table.png Spooky tableCoin.png × 3,0002x2OutdoorHalloween
Spooky bench.png Spooky benchCoin.png × 3,6001x3Outdoor furnitureHalloween
Spooky big arch.png Spooky big archCoin.png × 3,9601x4ExteriorHalloween
Spooky lamp.png Spooky lampCoin.png × 4,5001x1LightingsHalloween
Spooky sofa.png Spooky sofaCoin.png × 5,7602x3Outdoor furnitureHalloween
Spooky waterfall.png Spooky waterfallCoin.png × 6,0003x3StructureHalloween
Spooky tree trunk.png Spooky tree trunkCoin.png × 9,0002x3DecorationsHalloween
Spooky tree.png Spooky treeCoin.png × 12,0002x2DecorationsHalloween
Spooky well.png Spooky wellCoin.png × 15,0003x3StructureHalloween
Sand castle.png Sand castleCoin.png × 4503x3Beach
Beach picnic set.png Beach picnic setCoin.png × 7703x3DecorationsBeach
Beach flamingo.png Beach flamingoCoin.png × 7701x1DecorationsBeach
Blue beach umbrella.png Blue beach umbrellaCoin.png × 9003x3DecorationsBeach
Pink beach umbrella.png Pink beach umbrellaCoin.png × 9003x3DecorationsBeach
Blue surfboard.png Blue surfboardCoin.png × 1,0301x1DecorationsBeach
Beach bonfire.png Beach bonfireCoin.png × 1,0802x2LightingsBeach
Boat chair.png Boat chairCoin.png × 1,0802x2Outdoor furnitureBeach
Mini palm pot.png Mini palm potCoin.png × 1,0802x2PlantBeach
Blue folding beach chair.png Blue folding beach chairCoin.png × 1,0802x1Outdoor furnitureBeach
Pink folding beach chair.png Pink folding beach chairCoin.png × 1,0802x1Outdoor furnitureBeach
Colorful boat flowerpot.png Colorful boat flowerpotCoin.png × 1,5401x3PlantBeach
White and purple boat flowerpot.png White and purple boat flowerpotCoin.png × 1,5401x3PlantBeach
Beach outdoor table.png Beach outdoor tableCoin.png × 1,8001x3Outdoor furnitureBeach
Beach outdoor round table.png Beach outdoor round tableCoin.png × 1,8002x2Outdoor furnitureBeach
Boat couch.png Boat couchCoin.png × 2,1601x3Outdoor furnitureBeach
Blue beach lounge chair.png Blue beach lounge chairCoin.png × 2,1602x3Outdoor furnitureBeach
Yellow beach lounge chair.png Yellow beach lounge chairCoin.png × 2,1602x3ExteriorBeach
Beach outdoor lamp.png Beach outdoor lampCoin.png × 2,7001x1LightingsBeach
Beach swing.png Beach swingCoin.png × 3,1501x3DecorationsBeach
Beach pool with white floaties.png Beach pool with white floatiesCoin.png × 8,1003x4StructureBeach
Beach gazebo.png Beach gazeboCoin.png × 9,0003x3StructureBeach
Art nouveau fence.png Art nouveau fenceCoin.png × 801x1ExteriorArt Nouveau
Art nouveau stone path.png Art nouveau stone pathCoin.png × 801x1ExteriorArt Nouveau
Art nouveau colorful path.png Art nouveau colorful pathCoin.png × 801x1ExteriorArt Nouveau
Art nouveau gate.png Art nouveau gateCoin.png × 2001x1ExteriorArt Nouveau
Art nouveau arch.png Art nouveau archCoin.png × 1,2001x3ExteriorArt Nouveau
Art nouveau garden chair.png Art nouveau garden chairCoin.png × 1,2001x2OutdoorArt Nouveau
Art nouveau hanging flowers.png Art nouveau hanging flowersCoin.png × 1,2001x1PlantArt Nouveau
Grande love bush.png Grande love bushCoin.png × 1,4003x3PlantArt Nouveau
Maiden of flowers.png Maiden of flowersCoin.png × 1,6001x1DecorationsArt Nouveau
Art nouveau garden table.png Art nouveau garden tableCoin.png × 2,0002x2Outdoor furnitureArt Nouveau
Art nouveau garden bench.png Art nouveau garden benchCoin.png × 2,4001x3Outdoor furnitureArt Nouveau
Art nouveau garden lamp.png Art nouveau garden lampCoin.png × 3,0001x1LightingsArt Nouveau
Art nouveau swing.png Art nouveau swingCoin.png × 4,0002x3DecorationsArt Nouveau
Art nouveau fountain.png Art nouveau fountainCoin.png × 4,0003x3StructureArt Nouveau
Lonely pine tree.png Lonely pine treeCoin.png × 8,0001x1PlantArt Nouveau
Art nouveau small pond.png Art nouveau small pondCoin.png × 9,0003x3StructureArt Nouveau
Art nouveau gazebo.png Art nouveau gazeboCoin.png × 10,0003x3StructureArt Nouveau
White square path.png White square pathCoin.png × 1101x1Neo Classic
White flower grass floor tile.png White flower grass floor tileCoin.png × 1101x1Neo Classic
White diamond floor tile.png White diamond floor tileCoin.png × 1101x1Neo Classic
Neoclassical fence.png Neoclassical fenceCoin.png × 1501x1Neo Classic
Classic short pillar.png Classic short pillarCoin.png × 1,2601x1Neo Classic
Classic red rose pot.png Classic red rose potCoin.png × 1,3401x1Neo Classic
Classic medium pillar.png Classic medium pillarCoin.png × 1,4001x1Neo Classic
Neoclassical flower pot.png Neoclassical flower potCoin.png × 1,5101x1Neo Classic
Neoclassical arch.png Neoclassical archCoin.png × 1,6801x3Neo Classic
Columnar tree.png Columnar treeCoin.png × 1,6801x1Neo Classic
Classic white rose pot.png Classic white rose potCoin.png × 1,6801x1Neo Classic
Classic tall pillar.png Classic tall pillarCoin.png × 1,6801x1Neo Classic
Neoclassical fire pit.png Neoclassical fire pitCoin.png × 1,6802x2Neo Classic
Classic garden chair.png Classic garden chairCoin.png × 1,6801x1Neo Classic
Tall neoclassical flower pot.png Tall neoclassical flower potCoin.png × 2,0201x1Neo Classic
Elegant chicken statue.png Elegant chicken statueCoin.png × 2,2501x1Neo Classic
Big neoclassical arch.png Big neoclassical archCoin.png × 2,5001x3Neo Classic
Majestic chicken statue.png Majestic chicken statueCoin.png × 2,5001x2Neo Classic
Neoclassical bench.png Neoclassical benchCoin.png × 3,3601x3Neo Classic
Classic bird bath.png Classic bird bathCoin.png × 5,6001x1Neo Classic
Neoclassical stage podium.png Neoclassical stage podiumCoin.png × 9,8002x3Neo Classic
Neoclassical pond.png Neoclassical pondCoin.png × 12,6004x6Neo Classic
Neoclassical gazebo.png Neoclassical gazeboCoin.png × 14,0005x5Neo Classic
Gaming floor tile.png Gaming floor tileCoin.png × 1201x1Gaming
Gaming pot.png Gaming potCoin.png × 1,3501x1Gaming
Gaming cup toy.png Gaming cup toyCoin.png × 1,5003x3Gaming
Gaming sword & shield.png Gaming sword & shieldCoin.png × 1,5601x1Gaming
Gaming bonfire.png Gaming bonfireCoin.png × 1,8002x2Gaming
Gaming plant box.png Gaming plant boxCoin.png × 1,8001x1Gaming
Gaming plant medium.png Gaming plant mediumCoin.png × 1,8001x1Gaming
Gaming statue.png Gaming statueCoin.png × 2,0001x1Gaming
Gaming seahorse.png Gaming seahorseCoin.png × 2,0001x1Gaming
Gaming short lamp post.png Gaming short lamp postCoin.png × 2,1001x1Gaming
Gaming plant short.png Gaming plant shortCoin.png × 2,1601x1Gaming
Gaming plane.png Gaming planeCoin.png × 2,4003x3Gaming
Gaming totem.png Gaming totemCoin.png × 2,4002x2Gaming
Gaming plant tall.png Gaming plant tallCoin.png × 2,7001x1Gaming
Gaming mushroom short.png Gaming mushroom shortCoin.png × 2,7301x1Gaming
Gaming whale.png Gaming whaleCoin.png × 3,0002x3Gaming
Gaming mushroom medium.png Gaming mushroom mediumCoin.png × 3,3601x1Gaming
Gaming bench.png Gaming benchCoin.png × 3,6002x4Gaming
Gaming box.png Gaming boxCoin.png × 3,6002x2Gaming
Gaming mushroom tall.png Gaming mushroom tallCoin.png × 4,2001x1Gaming
Gaming tall lamp post.png Gaming tall lamp postCoin.png × 4,5001x1Gaming
Gaming fountain.png Gaming fountainCoin.png × 6,0003x3Gaming
Gaming gazebo.png Gaming gazeboCoin.png × 10,2003x3Gaming
Gaming tree.png Gaming treeCoin.png × 12,0002x2Gaming
Gaming carousel.png Gaming carouselCoin.png × 12,0003x3Gaming
Gaming arcades.png Gaming arcadesCoin.png × 15,0004x4Gaming
Stone path.png Stone pathCoin.png × 31x1
Wooden fence.png Wooden fenceCoin.png × 51x1
Wood floor tile.png Wood floor tileCoin.png × 101x1
Javanese ceramic pot.png Javanese ceramic potCoin.png × 101x1
Diamond stone path.png Diamond stone pathCoin.png × 101x1
Wooden chest.png Wooden chestCoin.png × 2501x1
Monster scarecrow.png Monster scarecrowCoin.png × 2,2401x1
Well.png WellCoin.png × 5,0003x3