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Peyek is a cookable consumable item.

Peyek restores 80 health and 120 stamina. It gives a Catching buff of 10%, and depending on the quality, the duration lasts from 2 hours to 4 hours.

How to obtain

Peyek can be cooked by the player in their kitchen after farmhouse upgrade level 2.

Almond.png Almond × 1Wheat flour.png Wheat flour × 1Any caterpillar.png Any caterpillar × 1



Gift icon.pngCharacters
Loved gift.png LovedNo character loves this item.
Liked gift.png Liked
NeutralNo character is neutral towards this item.
Disliked gift.png DislikedNo character dislikes this item.
Hated gift.png HatedNo character hates this item.