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Coral Island is a farming and life simulation game set on a tropical island with diving elements. The game combines traditional farming gameplay with RPG and social simulation elements, allowing players to cultivate crops, raise animals, mine for resources, and build relationships with the various characters on the island. In addition, players can explore the island and discover hidden treasures, such as the ancient Goddess and Secret Merfolk kingdom.


The core gameplay loop of Coral Island involves managing and expanding the player's farm while also exploring the island, interacting with characters, and completing quests. The player must balance their time and resources between farming, fishing, mining, cooking, crafting, and building relationships with characters. As the player progresses in the game, they can unlock new skills, abilities, and content, creating a sense of progression and achievement. The game is designed to be relaxing and immersive, with a focus on exploration, creativity, and personalization.

In Coral Island, energy is used by the player to perform various actions, such as farming, fishing, and mining. Each action requires a certain amount of energy, and players must manage their energy levels to ensure that they can continue to perform actions throughout the day. Energy can be restored by consuming food or resting, and players can also increase their maximum energy level by increasing their skill mastery.

Overall, energy, time & money is an important gameplay resource that adds a sense of strategy and challenge to the game, while also reinforcing the importance of self-care and rest.

The Farmer

Player Body Customization.png

In Coral island, you play as the farmer. You are a city-folk that make your living by working tirelessly in Pokyo, a metropolitan city. Tired of the hassle and bustle in Pokyo, you decided to move to Starlet Town, which you've visited during holiday few years ago. You bought an empty abandoned land in Starlet town after saving up for 2 years. And move in to start living your dream relaxing life. Captivated by the beauty of Starlet town & it's nature, you are surprised to come back only to find there are now oil spills all around the island.

As the Farmer, you have the choice to save Starlet town from the oil spills, while uncovering secret areas, never before touched by human. And even discover a civilization of Merfolks! Go on an adventure and enjoy the relaxing days on Starlet Town.

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The Farm

790Rosemary - Mary - Player Farm.png

Starlet town's farm have been abandoned for a very long time. It's now up to player how you would customize and produce Starlet Town's specialties.

At the beginning, player will be given a small house near top of the field. Player can later upgrade the house in the carpenter. You can plant crops, fruit trees, ranching, placing artisan equipment, and buildings on the field. You can also decorate your farm using furniture and decor items in the game.

Seasons, Day & Time

There are 4 seasons in Coral Island. Player begin the game in Spring 1, first day of year 1.

Each season brings it's own unique forage, fish and insects. Along with new crops player can plant in the farm. Winter mark the end of the year, where the season cycle will turn back to spring.

Player's play time is limited by the day & night cycle in this game. Player wake up at 6 A.M. and recommended to sleep before 12 A.M. Player will pass out of tiredness at 1 A.M., and passing out result in stamina penalty the next day. So in total, player have 18 hours a day. You can keep track on time by viewing the clock at top left screen.


There are many activities player can do in this game. With Farming being the main thing. But there's really no limit in what or how you'd like to play the game.


Manage your farm, planting and harvesting crops. The game includes a variety of crops, fruit plants & fruit trees. Each with its own uniqueness & treatment. As player progress into the game, they can unlock more crops & plants. Harvested crops can then be sold for profit, used in cooking, or processed using artisan machines to gain more and more profit.


Players can raise and care for various farm animals, including cows, sheep, goats, pigs, luwak, chickens, and quail. Players can build and upgrade animal shelters to fit more farm animals. By feeding and caring for their animals, players can collect eggs, milk, wool, etc. These animal products can be sold for profit or further processed using artisan machines to increase their value even further. Animals in a bad mood will not create any products to collect.

Fishing & Bug Catching

Players can fish in different locations around the island, catching various fish. Fish can be sold for profit or used as an ingredient in cooking. On land, players can catch various insects to complete the museum collection. Not feeling enough? Hop in the ocean and collect cute little ocean critters! Completing the museum will help the player increase the Town Rank.

Mining & Combat

Players can mine for mineral ores in 4-themed mines on the island, using tools such as pickaxes. Mineral ores can be sold for profit or used in crafting. Mineral ores are also crucial for upgrading farming tools. Players will also uncover the secret giant tribe by exploring deeper into the mine.

In the mines, there are also monsters that you can fight using a sword. Later on, weapons can be upgraded and other weapons will be unlocked. Monsters vary per theme of the mines.


Players can explore the underwater areas around the island by diving. Diving allows players to discover new resources, such as artifacts, sea forageable, and treasures. The goal of the diving gameplay is exploration, players will be presented with puzzles where they have to find a missing piece of the solar emitter called solar orbs. They do this by cleaning the trash with the scythe. Once they find a solar orb, they will fly to an emitter which will fire a healing ray that will clean the surrounding black roots. This will allow players to explore more areas.