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In Coral island, you play as the farmer. You are a city-folk that make your living by working tirelessly in Pokyo, a metropolitan city. Tired of the hassle and buzzle in Pokyo, you decided to move to Starlet Town, which you've visited during holiday few years ago. You bought an empty abandoned land in Starlet town after saving up for 2 years. And move in to start living your dream relaxing life. Captivated by the beauty of Starlet town & it's nature, you are surprised to come back only to find there are now oil spills all around the island.

Player can create their playable character and the information about their farm according to the customization available. Character creation is at the start of the game, and further customization can be done at the salon after the start of Coral Island.

Player customization

  • Body Type ‒ Choose between 3 body type.
  • Body Mass ‒ Adjust the body mass you desire
  • Skin Color ‒ Change the skin color of your character, including customized color palette



  • Eyebrows ‒ Change the eyebrows shape & color
  • Eyes ‒ Change the eye shape & color
  • Nose ‒ Change the nose shape
  • Lip ‒ Change the lips shape
  • Jaw ‒ Change the jaw shape

Facial Hair

  • Facial Hair ‒ Choose from 12 styles of beards & moustaches
  • Facial Hair Color ‒ Change the hair color of your character, including customized color palette, or match it to your hair color

Starting outfit

    • Outfit Color ‒ Change the hair color of your character, including customized color palette, or match it to your hair color. Don't worry if you're a kickstarter backers or have DLC outfits. Your outfits will be sent to mailbox right at the 1st day and you can change into it right away.


    • Character's Name ‒ the player’s name that will be displayed and used during the game.
    • Honorifics ‒ the player can either pick one of the three honorifics: Mr, Ms, or Mx, or make a custom honorific.
    • Farm Name ‒ the name of the farm that belongs to the player.
    • If you're not statisfied with yous starting character, you can always change how the farmer looks by going to the salon. More clothing can also be bought from the White Flaminggo, or Antonio's tent after you get in the game.