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There's a lot to explore in Coral Island, including:

  • Starlet Town is the heart of Coral Island. Not only is it roomy and features a butterfly garden, but this charming little town also has stories hidden behind its townies.
  • The Beach is rich with sparkly white sands, seashells, and seasonal fruits. On the pier sits a handsome old Inn and a gateway to ocean exploration, the Diving spot.
  • The Lake guards perhaps the most magical place in Coral Island. Find your way through the wooden bridge and discover the ancient temple. It’s believed to be the main source of water and where the island's rich soil originates from.
  • The Forest is a mystic sanctuary for wildlife, filled with ruins and who-knows-what. Underneath the musky floor, it's a hoarding place for messages from the past, the Cavern.
  • The Lookout used to be a place where locals prepared for battles of old and whatnot. As time passed, the Lighthouse is now solely used for navigational aid. Come here and enjoy wicked sunsets and pick some wild fruits on your way home.
  • The Woodlands used to be part of the Forest, but since the arrival of humans, it is now tamed and family-friendly, without losing its green allure. Walk alongside the river to see the School, Taco Truck, and houses belonging to those who prefer quiet nights over paved pathways of the town.
  • Hillside, sandwiched between the Forest and Woodlands, is the perfect combination of green and privacy. Take a peek at the Vineyard and familiarize yourself with the local Carpenters.