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Town rank is the main progression system in the Coral Island game. At the beginning of the game, Starlet Town is appraised by the Judge Ross as government representation, and scores an F due to low tourism rates, a dirty environment, and a lack of local heritage. The mayor of Starlet Town, Connor, tells the player how the town was once a thriving island, but everything changed since the oil spill incident. Connor asks the player to help restore Starlet Town's former glory.

There are three ways to increase town rank: increasing ocean points, heritage points, and museum. Players can increase ocean points by cleaning the sea and healing the coral. Heritage points can be increased by donating to the museum and offering at the temple. Finally, museum can be increased by renovating the town. As the player increases town rank, more items become available at the shops, more wildlife will show up, and more tourists will visit. The end goal is to restore Coral Island to level A (or even S) and restore it back to its glory days before the oil spill.

Points and Scoring

Town Rank UI.png

To increase town rank in Coral Island, players must accumulate points. The town rank starts at F and can be increased up to S by performing certain activities. These activities divided into 3 category. for example, healing the ocean will grant ocean points, and donating to museum will contribute to museum. The amount of points required vary for each town rank.

Town Rank F Town Rank E Town Rank D Town Rank C Town Rank B Town Rank A Town Rank S
0 400 1100 1850 2600 3400 5000

Here's some activities that will contribute to Town Rank:

Heritage Points

Activity Amount Points each item
Herritage - Offering 24 45
Hot spring accessible 1 30
Mid forest accessible 1 30
Bamboo forest accessible 1 30
Deep forest accessible 1 30
Savannah accessible 1 30
Town sacred tree healed 1 40
Lake sacred tree healed 1 40
Forest sacred tree healed 1 40
Farm sacred tree healed 1 40
Temple fully healed 1 40
Total 1430

Museum Points

Activity Amount Points per Activity
Museum Expanded 1 50
Museum - Artifacts 78 3
Museum - Fossil 60 3
Museum - Gem 35 3
Museum - Fish 69 3
Museum - Insect 53 3
Museum - Ocean Critters 45 3
Museum - All Artifact Donated 1 40
Museum - All Fossil Donated 1 40
Museum - All Gem Donated 1 40
Museum - All Fish Donated 1 40
Museum - All Insect Donated 1 40
Museum - All Critters Donated 1 40
Total 1310

Ocean Points

Activity Amount Points each item
Coral site healed

(The solar orb mechanic player encounter when diving)

85 10
All corals healed 1 100
Ocean temple healed 1 50
Total 1000

Town Rank Benefits

Rank F

The starting town rank.

Rank E

Rank D

Rank C

Rank B