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Waypoints are the fast travel system in Coral Island. While initially unavailable, the fast travel system is unlocked after the Mythical Dream quest and after the player completes their first offering on the first altar at the Goddess Temple. Additional waypoints are unlocked by completing quests or reaching certain goals.

Waypoints and unlock conditions

Waypoints unlocked Unlock hints Requirements
FarmLake Temple Offer your best to help the nature // Thus nature will help your travel Complete one offering at the Lake Temple and receive the Goddess Blessing.
Beach (near Abandoned Villa) Breeze through the sandy air // Retrieve the living beings in the water Successfully catch any 50 fish with a fishing pole. (The fish do not have to be unique. The fish obtained by other means does not count toward unlocking the waypoint.)
Diving Pier Your path will be clear // When shallow sea blooms heal Activate one solar orb in the ocean.
Forest Cavern If you want to mine with ease // Then reach the bottom of the earth Reach level 10 in Earth mine.
Hillside (near Carpenter) To reach the forest with haste // Make two offerings to the Forest tree
Lookout If you want to head here fast // Make 2 offerings at the southern tree Complete any two offerings at the Lake Temple.
Museum Unravel the locked passage // Donate splendor yet to be displayed
Town To quickly reach your community // Fill the market with local joy Complete the first half of the Sam's Local Produce quest.
Woodlands (near the Blacksmith) One will open the totem of legend // When catching these buzzing goods Successfully catch any 50 insects with a bug net. (The insects do not have to be unique. The insects obtained by other means does not count toward unlocking the waypoint.)
Hot Spring Make the hotspring better Complete any ten offerings at the Lake Temple.
Giants_Village The way will open when // At least two giants freed Free two giants by clearing the Earth and Water mines.