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There are certain special items that, once obtained, cannot be sold or removed. These items play a crucial role in helping the player progress in various aspects of the game.

Special Item Slot.png

These special items are unique and rare, and cannot be obtained through normal gameplay. They are often rewarded for completing difficult challenges or quests, and once acquired, they become a permanent asset to the player. These items provide a wide range of benefits, from unlocking features & items, open new area, and allowing player to transform. Once obtained, these special items will appear on a special section on player's journal menu.

Special Item list

Image Item description How to Get
Diving Suit Unlock ability to dive Finish quest...
Diving Suit V2 Unlock ability to understand merfolk language Finish quest...
Third Eye Understand old language, allowing player to read sacred tree tablet stone. Finish quest...
Goddess Blessing Unlocks ability to use teleport shrines Complete first Temple Offering
Soft Bristle Brush Unlocks ability to find torn pages & fossils Finish quest "Museum Expansion"
B.O.S Badge Grants access to B.O.S Guild rooms Finish quest "Kill 50 Monsters"
Cellar Key Unlock Cellar
Seal of Naga A symbol of honor and friendship with the Merfolk Kingdom
Merfolk Blessing Turn into a merfolk
Way of Pandazen Increase the selling price of forageables by 5x
Old Talisman Said to grant access to forbidden areas