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Clothing is part of Character Customization. The other customization is the Facial, Body & Hairstyle. Clothing can be bought in the shops, given as reward. The player can customize their clothing in a wardrobe/shop such as Wabanana.

Clothing consists of hats, glasses, tops, bottoms, shoes, backpacks, and outfits that can be equipped in the player's inventory menu. While Rings can also be part of clothing, rings are equipped with powers, while other clothing does not give any effect, beside making player look way cooler.

Player can mix & matching these items :

Clothing Store Information

White Flaminggo
Concerned monkey Shop

The clothes sold in White Flamingo are rotated each week randomly. The player can buy clothes from the current week’s roster. Why each week? So players have time to save money to buy the clothes they want. Since in our game, you can only get money once a day. White Flaminggo is located beside Salon, go right from Sam's General Store.

You can also get clothing from Concerned Monkey Shop, which located on the left of the cavern gate. Just make sure you have complete the achievement needed for Concerned monkey to start selling the item.

The last place to get clothing are Museum! Completing a collection in the museum will grant you clothing items.