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A backpack is a player customization item that does not actually add inventory slots. It allows players to personalize their character's appearance and add to their overall style. The backpack can come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, giving players the freedom to choose the one that best matches their preferences. While it may not have any functional benefits, the backpack is a fun and unique way to add some extra flair to a player's in-game persona.

Most backpack can be bought in the White Flamingo or Antonio's tent. While some other can be obtained via museum reward, or the game DLC.

Backpack List

White Flaminggo

Image Town Rank Name Purchase Price Sell Price
Sky dragon wings.png
F Sky dragon wings 12,000 Coin.png 6,000 Coin.png
272Shoulder Bag.png
F Shoulder bag 2,400 Coin.png 1,200 Coin.png
930Fisherman backpack.png
E Fisherman backpack 6,000 Coin.png 3,000 Coin.png
16Green plain backpack.png
E Green plain backpack 2,700 Coin.png 1,350 Coin.png
D Rucksack 4,800 Coin.png 2,400 Coin.png
233Harvest basket.png
D Harvest Basket 2,600 Coin.png 1,300 Coin.png
872Fashion bucket backpack.png
C Fashion bucket backpack 3,600 Coin.png 1,800 Coin.png
156Travel backpack.png
C Travel backpack 4,500 Coin.png 2,250 Coin.png
292Ukulele backpack.png
B Ukulele 6,000 Coin.png 3,000 Coin.png
212Chicken tote.png
A Chicken Tote 7,200 Coin.png 3,600 Coin.png

Museum Reward

Image Name Purchase Price Sell Price How to get
413Prickly Manta Backpack.png
Prickly backpack 6,000 Coin.png 1,800 Coin.png Complete 325 Museum Donation

Conerned monkey

Image Name Purchase Price Sell Price How to get
3894-leaf clover backpack.png
Four-leaf clover bag 13,800 Coin.png 6,900 Coin.png Earn 250,000 Coins