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Decor features indoor and outdoor options, Which allows players to purchase furniture and decorations to beautify home and field. Players have a wide variety of themed furniture options to choose from, and can mix and match furniture from different themes to create their own personalized home. Players can also use decor tools and an Architect table to arrange furniture and decorations.

main article : Indoor Decor

main article : Outdoor Decor

Indoor Decor

Indoor décor lets players decorate their farmhouse. Players can arrange a unique, beautiful room.

Indoor decor move mechanic.png

Outdoor Decor

Outdoor décor lets players decorate their outdoor spaces using furniture and decorations. However, outdoor décor can only be placed outside of the farmhouse.

Outdoor decor player.png

Decor Shop Information

Furnitures can be bought in Furniture's shop. Basic furnitures can also be bought in the carpenter. Some other furniture can also be bought in Ben's Caravan, festival shops or as museum rewards.