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The TV Channel is a feature in the Coral Island that allows players to stay up to date with the latest news, weather, and even reality shows in starlet town and the rest of the world.


Name Description Image
Animalia Paul, Anne, and Zoe document the wildlife of Coral Island and find a wild bird nearby.
622Animalia TV Channel.png
Back to Nature Provides tips and tricks surrounding foraging.
638Back To Nature TV Channel.png
Coral News Informs the player of news about Coral Island.
651Coral News TV Channel.png
Coral Shopping Provides the player with alerts of new items available at shops around Coral Island.
663Coral Shopping TV Channel.png
Coral Stars The C-Pop group Coral Stars showcase their skills in front of the judges, but quickly find they overestimated themselves,
679Coral Stars TV Channel.png
Duplicitation A telenovela series.
694Duplicitation TV Channel.png
Game of Cones Game of Cones is a cooking competition show between two chefs.
707Game of cones TV Channel.png
How to Be a Farmer Provides tips and tricks surrounding farming.
722How to be a farmer TV Channel.png
Masked Detective A comedy-mystery channel surrounding the adventures of the masked detective.
738Masked detective TV Channel.png
Mooqbang A cow named Mooq eats and rates several barn foods.
750Mooqbang TV Channel.png
The Coral Show hosted by Conny O'Brien. It is a parody/reference the character Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy.
761The coral show TV Channel.png
Weather Forecast Displays the weather for the following day.
77Weather forecast TV Channel.png


In order to watch, player could purchase television from the Furniture Store.

Image Name Cost
basic Antique TV 1,200 Coin.png
basic Gamer TV table 2,700 Coin.png
basic Classic TV Table 2,800 Coin.png