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Stamina is one of the most important resources that players must manage in Coral Island. It is used to perform various actions such as tilling, chopping, watering, fishing, bug-catching, and cooking. Each action requires a certain amount of stamina, and if a player runs out of stamina, their movement speed will decrease. If a player overworks themselves and completely depletes their stamina, they will pass out and will be taken to the clinic and charged for treatment. It is essential to keep an eye on the stamina bar, to avoid passing out and incurring expenses at the clinic. Player can also recover stamina by soaking in the Hot Sping, once they have unlocked it.

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In addition to stamina, players in Coral Island also have to manage their Health points (HP). HP can be depleted if the player is attacked by enemies or if they consume unhealthy food. It is important to keep an eye on the player's HP bar and make sure it does not reach zero. In the mine, if the player's HP is depleted, they will be brought back to the entrance of the mine. It is essential to take care of the player's health by eating nutritious food and avoiding taking damage as much as possible.


Maximum stamina is the amount of stamina capacity player can have. While stamina is the amount of stamina player currently have.

Player start the game with basic450 stamina. For each mastery point achieved, player receive basic+3 Maximum stamina. Consuming stamina fruit give player an instant basic+45 maximum Stamina. It means there are 2 ways to increase player's max stamina capacity. Beside mastery skill, player can obtain stamina fruit at

Stamina Recovery

Player can recover stamina by eating. Raw food offers up some stamina, but if player cook it into dishes, cooking will actually multiply the stamina value from an ingredient. Restoring even more and giving player buffs. Aside of cooking, turning ingredients into artisan goods also increase it's stamina slightly.

Another way to recover stamina is by taking a bath in the Hotspring.

Hotspring recover player's stamina gradually. The amount of stamina healed is based on percentage. So the time needed to recover stamina will be the same when you're at 450 stamina, or at 800 stamina. At the beginning of the game, player will learn that the hotspring is dried out because Goddess's power is weakening. By giving 2 temple offerings, the goddess will recover hotspring for player. however, since her power is still too weak, the hotspring will only heals basic1% Stamina/second. As player gives more offerings, the Goddess will get stronger and hotspring will recover more and more stamina each second.

Hot Spring Restoration Level Heals x% HP per second
Level 1 1.0%
Level 2 1.5%
Level 3 2.0%
Level 4 3.0%
Level 5 4.0%

Health Point

Maximum health is the amount of health capacity player can have. While health is the amount of health player currently have.

Player start the game with basic400 health. Recieving damage will reduce health. But player can restore health by eating cooked dish, artisan goods, or raw food.