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The Greenhouse is a special feature that can be unlocked after completing 14 temple offerings. It contains a 14x14 tile field that can be planted with crops, giant crops, fruit trees, and fruit plants all year round, as there is no season in the Greenhouse.

At the beginning of the game, players can see the unbuilt greenhouse near the Nepenthes plant. After making 14 offerings, there will be a cutscene showing the power of the Goddess restoring the greenhouse for the player. Only then can the player enter the greenhouse and start farming.

Green House.png

General mechanic

The interior of the greenhouse features a 14x14 tiles soil where player can plant crops, giant crops, fruit plant & fruit trees. Scarecrow is unnecessary as crows will not be able to get in the green house. However, the crops must still be watered, even on rainy days. Inside, there is a water fountain on the north where player can refill their watering can. Crops that regrow will continuously regrow and not die at the end of any season. So does fruit plant and fruit trees, where they can keep on growing fruits all year long.

The field is surrounded by a one tile black wood border where sprinklers can be placed to water any of the tiles of the crop land within its reach. Neither the greenhouse wall nor the wood border itself will impede the growth of the fruit plant & fruit trees, although a one-space separation must be maintained between the plant and any items (like sprinklers) that are placed on the wood border or exterior region during the time the tree is growing.

Multiple harvest crops and fertilizer will never disappear from the greenhouse unless removed by the player. Because multiple harvest crops will never disappear at the end of the season, it is especially profitable to them inside the greenhouse.