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Achievement can be earned by earning golds, complete museum collection, interact with NPC, and many more.

Achievement List

Icon Name Description
basic It Ain’t Much Earn 20k coins
basic But It’s Honest Work Earn 50k coins
basic Learning the Trade Earn 100k coins
basic Capital Gains Earn 250k coins
basic Entrepreneur Earn 500k coins
basic Island Millionaire Earn 1000k coins
basic High Roller Earn 10000k coins
basic Memento of the Past Complete artifact collection
basic Bejeweled Complete gem collection
basic Paleontologist Complete dinosaur collection
basic Bug Fancier Complete bug collection
basic Fishing Mania Complete fish collection
basic Marine Observer Complete sea critter collection
basic Part-Time Curator Complete museum collection
basic Darkest Cavern Clear all the mine gates
basic Healing the Ocean Heal all the sick coral
basic Healing the World Restore the temple
basic Gulliver’s Voyage Gain access to Giants’ Village
basic Undersea Mystery Gain access to Merfolk Kingdom
basic Bon Voyage Unlock ability to island hop
basic Let’s Be Platonic Reach heart 5 with an NPC
basic Good Friends Reach heart 8 with an NPC
basic The Best of Friends Reach heart 10 with an NPC
basic Popular Newcomer Reach heart 5 with 25 NPCs
basic Social Butterfly Reach heart 8 with 25 NPCs
basic Coral Island’s Sweetheart Reach heart 8 with all townies
basic Charitable Heart Give a gift to 25 NPCs
basic Multi-level Gifting Give a gift to all townies
basic It’s A Date! Start dating an NPC
basic A New Chapter Get married
basic A Full House Have 2 children
basic Home Cook Cook 15 recipes
basic Chef de Cuisine Cook all recipes
basic Handy Farmer Craft 15 things
basic DIY Expert Craft all things
basic Stylemaker Purchase 10 clothing items
basic Fashionista Purchase 50 clothing items
basic Fashion Guru Purchase all clothing items
basic Ironclad Slayer Slay 10 enemy types
basic Untouchable Slay 20 enemy types
basic B.O.S. Finest Slay all enemy types
basic Simple Life Harvest 100 crops
basic Variety Farmer Ship 30 different crops
basic You Name It, We Sell It Ship all crops
basic New Rancher on the Block Ship 2 animal products
basic Fresh from the Farm Ship 5 animal products
basic Operation Trophy Rancher Ship all animal products
basic Grade A Only Ship a golden animal product
basic Legendary Farmer Ship all items in the Produce Caught and Found categories in the journal
basic Specialty Farmer Ship one crop 1000 times
basic Specialty Rancher Ship one animal product 1000 times
basic This Is Coral Island Reach level 10 mastery in everything