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Pets are creatures that provide companionship for the player on their farm. Choices will include a dog, cat, monkey, lizard, fox, or rabbit. Pets are distinct from Farm Animals, which provide animal products.

Pet Adoption will be available when player reach Town Rank E.

Adopting a Pet

Pet adoption center.png
  1. To adopt a pet, player must go to the Town Center building. Go right to the first room below, and you'll find the adoption center.
  2. Interact with the computer table right below the entrance.
  3. Pet needs a pet house / pet bed. So make sure to buy them first before adopting a pet.
  4. Once player choose to adopt a pet, player can change it's name.

Pet adoption is free, but player is limited to adopting 1 pet.

After Adoption

After adoption, the pet will spawn at the player's house with a heart level. The adoption date will be added to the detail tab, and the adopted pet will be added to the "family" tab in relationships. Additionally, the pet will be able to wake up in front of the player's bed if the player is sleeping.

Pet List