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The Woodlands is the back of the island, located straight North of Starlet Town. It is the area where the mayor's house, blacksmith, and elementary school are located.

Emma’s Cottage

[Cottage|Emma’s Cottage] is the cottage where Emma lives with her partner, Dippa. It is a small wooden cottage, but well decorated with arts and memories. There are pictures of them together and lots of pictures from Emma’s performing days

Emma’s Taco Truck

[Taco_Truck|Emma’s Taco Truck] is a food establishment located near Starlet Elementary School. It is owned and run by Emma. She uses local ingredients that she finds around the forest and purchases goods from local farmers.

Mayor’s House

Sanchez’ Brothers Blacksmith

[Brothers_Blacksmith|Sanchez’ Brothers Blacksmith], owned by Rafael and Pablo, will help the player with processing ores, upgrading tools and sell the player’s combat needs. The player can also purchase various weapons and armor here.

Starlet Elementary School

[Elementary_School| Starlet Elementary School] is the school where Randy and the kids gather around for their daily discussion.

Wildlife Enthusiasts

The [Enthusiasts|house] where Zoe, Anne, and Paul live.