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Trees drop several items for the player, depending on the type of tree. Although all trees drop several universal items, they produce different types of goods.

Universal Tree Items

All trees give woods when they are chopped down using an axe, and they turn into stumps. The player can cut down the stump and gather more wood from it.

Image Name Description
Wood A basic resource  

Common Trees

Common trees are trees that can be planted every season (except Winter) and drop seeds. They also produce special items when the player attaches a tapper to them.

Image Name Resource from Tapper Grow From Price of Resource

Maple Tree Maple Syrup Maple Seeds

Oak Tree Oak Resin Oak Seeds

Pine Tree Pine Tar Pine Seeds

Fruit Trees

Fruit trees are seasonal, as each tree can only be planted during specific seasons. The only exception is planting the fruit trees inside a greenhouse. Once the tree has grown, it will bear fruit every 5 days.


Name Descriptions Stages
Durian Tree
Orange Tree   TBD


Name Descriptions Stages
Mango Tree   TBD
Peach Tree   TBD


Name Descriptions Stages
Apple Tree   TBD
Olive Tree   TBD


Name Descriptions Stages
Almond Tree   TBD