The Player

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Player can create their playable character and the information about their farm according to the customization available.

Farm Customization

  • Name ‒ the player’s name that will be displayed and used during the game.
  • Farm name ‒ the name of the farm that belongs to the player.
  • Favorite thing ‒ the name of the player’s favourite item.
  • Gender ‒ preferred gender of the player. It will affect the pronoun used on the player.

Character Customization

  • Honorifics ‒ the player can pick either one of the three honorifics: Mr, Ms, or Mx.
  • Body Type
  • Skin Color
  • Hairstyle ‒ there are 12 hairstyles available for the player.
  • Hair Color
  • Eyes
  • Eye Color
  • Clothing