Starlet Town

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Starlet Town is the center of the island where most of the activities are done. The player can find several stores such as the general store, carpenter, and blacksmith to help the player developing their farm or other needs.

Most NPCs live in town, and players can visit their homes from 9 AM to 8 PM. NPCs can also be found at certain locations in town, depending on their daily schedule.


The[clinic] is the place where the player can purchase medicine or potions. Nobody lives in the clinic. Yuri and Charles work here and can be seen inside the clinic on certain days.

Community Center

The [Center|community center] is an open floor plan where town activities are usually held. Yoga classes by Suki and “meeting” by Theo and Jack are done in the community center. On the bulletin board outside of the Community Center, is placed a calendar with people’s birthdays and town events. There is also some help board with mostly donation request from Mayor Connor.

The Community Center also houses the laboratory, where Ling and Surya work on their research.

There is a community garden, but it has been left unattended for a long time.

Local Tavern

[Tavern|Local Tavern] is an old-school Irish Pub. A bit run down in appearance. A landmark. The kind that everybody knows everybody and the bartender is your highschool lab partner. The vibe on this pub is casual, country and loud. Prepare for a dance with strangers, mediocre live music and a whole lot of good time!

You can purchase beer and some other alcohol beverages here-- or when you're feeling bold, give the drink of the day a try--


The [Library|museum] is where the player can donate artifacts. Half of the building is the museum, while the other half is the library.

In the library, there is a receptionist place where Millie sits down and type. This is also where she accepts donation.

In the Museum part of the building, there is a mini-lab where Scott is working daily by cleaning up some artifacts.

Pufferfish Drilling Corp

[Drilling_Corporation|Pufferfish Drilling Corporation]is an oil rig company who recently opened its regional office in Starlet Town. there is a mini-golf in front of its office, where locals can play for free. The player can play on the field for a mini-game.

Sam’s General Store

Sam and Emily’s house also serves as the [General_Store|general store] of the town. The player can purchase various things such as cooking supplies, tortillas, bread, cookies, seeds, farming supplies. The store has a cash register, fresh produce section and bakery section where Eva works at.

Socket Electronics & Hair Salon

[Electronics_&_Hair_Salon|Socket Electronics and Hair Salon] are located in the town center and are on the same row. Window glass decorations and banners are what separated the two looks.

The salon is run by both Emily and Erika. It opens Tuesday-Friday 9am-5pm, Sunday 12pm-5pm, and closes on Monday and Saturday.

Socket Electronics is owned and operated by Luke. The store only holds some items for direct purchase/display (such as blenders, TV, random furniture, what have you). Islanders usually submit their orders in person. On things that he does not have in stock, he will order it for the player and ship them directly to the house, free of charge when they arrive.

Victorian Mansion

[Mansion|Victorian Mansion] is a landmark which is the home to Ling, Leah, and Randy. It is a 100-year-old building, and one of the three original buildings in Coral Island. Locals refer to the old house as “mansion” because it was once the epitome of luxury living. Though not anymore, you can still tell that back in the day, the mansion used to be grand.