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The island has four main seasons: fall, summer, winter, spring, and summer. Once the four seasons have passed, the player will enter a new year. Some story events are triggered based on the weather, season, and year.

The player should note that seasonal crops will die once the season changes unless planted inside the greenhouse.


[[1]] is the first season the player will encounter in Coral Island. During the season, the weather would start to get warm, and greeneries are beginning to grow. Festivals held during spring are Cherry Blossom Festival and Earth Day. There are at least 7 NPCs who have birthdays in spring.


[[2]] is the season after spring. Spring crops will mostly wither when Summer starts, and a new stock of crops will be available. There are also new varieties of items available for the player to scavenge.


The [after summer] is when the greeneries change their shade to yellow or orange before they fall. The weather is also noticeably more windy at times. Fall is the season where Mooncake Festival and Pet Day is held.


The [season of the year] is known for its cold temperature and snow. It is also the season where the player cannot plan crops outside and can only do so in the greenhouse.