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Sanchez’ Brothers Blacksmith, owned by Rafael and Pablo, will help the player with processing ores, upgrading tools and sell the player’s combat needs. The player can also purchase various weapons and armor here. The brothers take turns during the week turns running the shop, meaning when one is outside of the blacksmith, the other will be at the shop. You can upgrade and receive the upgraded items from different blacksmiths.

The Residents

The brothers have a shack where they live. The shack is a raggedy two-story building with 2 bedrooms with a small common room and a tiny kitchen on the second floor. The first floor is the workspace and a small garage that is separated by a wall.

The player can only access the garage through a small door that connects the garage and blacksmith’s workshop. The garage’s rolling door is locked and can not be opened. It is on purpose because Pablo completely covers the inside part of the garage with black-out curtains to prevent the light to seep into the room, messing up his watching experience.


Rafael and Pablo can upgrade your tools. Each upgrade must be done incrementally (e.g. to upgrade to Titanium Tool, you need to have the Gold Tool version). Shop functions will still be available during the upgrade. But you cannot upgrade multiple tools at the same time.

Blacksmith is closed on festival days. No upgrades will be done when blacksmiths are closed, so you have to wait one extra day when the blacksmith is closed.

The following are a summary of what each upgrade does for each tool:

  1. Hoe upgrades allow players to create more than one tile when tilling.
  2. Axe upgrades allow players to cut trees and break down logs faster. It also allows the player capability to chop down larger stumps and hardwoods.
  3. Pickaxe upgrades allow players to break down stones faster. It also allows the player capability to break down bigger rocks.
  4. Watering Can upgrade allows it to hold more water, and the ability to water multiple tiles at the same time.

Below are the upgrades the player can purchase at the blacksmith:

Name Ingredient Cost Days to Upgrade
Copper Tools Copper Bar: 5 2000g 2
Gold Tools Gold Bar: 5 5000g 2
Titanium Tools Titanium Bar: 5 10000g 2
Zirconium Tools Zirconium Bar: 5 25000g 2


You can purchase items at the shops:

These items are always available:

Item Name Year 1 Price Year 2 Price
Copper Ore 50c 70c
Gold Ore 100c 100c
Titanium Ore 450c 500c
Charcoal 20c 20c

The following items are available only during Year 1:

Item Name Price
Light Ring 2000c
Hiking Boots 2500c
Iron Morning Star 6000c

The following items are available only during Year 2:

Item Name Price
Golden Dagger 10,000c
Crystal Sword 5,000c
Purple Boots 4,000c

Both Year 1 and Year 2 items will all be available again after Year 3 onwards.

Players can also sell certain items directly here, such as gems, ores, and equipment they sold.

Process Nodes

Nodes are found in each part of the mines and can be processed here to reveal their content. The following nodes are accepted:

Image Name Price

Earth Node 50c

Fire Node 50c

Ice Node 50c

Mystery Node 50c