Pufferfish Drilling Corp

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Pufferfish Drilling Corporation an oil rig company who recently opened its regional office in Starlet Town. Coral Island region of Pufferfish is represented by Karen.

Three weeks after the Player moves into Coral Island, Pufferfish is announcing that it is opening its regional office in Starlet Town in the last week of Spring Year 1. Though the office building is owned by Pufferfish corp., it was previously unused/ free to rent out. This is because Pufferfish initially plans to build their regional office on the player’s farm; which happens to be the last available-to-purchase land in Coral Island. Unfortunately for Pufferfish, the player snatched the farm faster than the corp. did, so they are now left to advertise around the town for another building/land to purchase.

Pufferfish builds a mini-golf area just outside of its building, where they invite player and NPC to enjoy mini-golf free of charge.