Local Tavern

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Local Tavern is an old Irish pub run by Betty and her son Noah. Frank, Betty’s older son, also works in the tavern but lives with his wife, Erika.

The tavern opens every day, with the exception of Wednesday, from noon to almost midnight. It has a casual ambience that also has a country loud vibe. Player can purchase food and beverage from the register

The Residents

The Tavern also house its owner, Betty, and her younger son, Noah.. The house part of the building should have 3 bedrooms. 1 is for betty, 1 is Noah’s and 1 is empty with 2 small beds. This is because Betty has 4 children, 2 of whom live abroad currently. And the house needs to convey that there were 4 children that grew up there.

Food and Beverage

Below are the food and beverage the player can purchase from the tavern.