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Gems are items that can be found on mines. They are commonly used in quests and as gifts. The player can also sell gems for money.

List of Gems (TBD)

Image Name Description Price Location
  Emerald A bright green gemstone    
  Aquamarine A gemstone famous for its sea-blue color    
  Ruby A red colored precious gemstone    
  Amethyst A purple color variety of quartz    
  Topaz A common yellow gemstone    
  Jade An ornamental mineral known for its green varieties    
  Diamond A very valuable mineral    
  Opal It displays iridescence    
  Peridot A rock forming mineral with a hint of green    
  Moonstone It is named like its moon-like sheen    
  Onyx A mysterious black crystal    
  Morganite A peach-pink variety of gemstone    
  Lepidolite A common crystal that has a purpleish-gray hint    
  Fire Agate A family of quartz with iridescent colors    
  Quartz A common clear crytalline mineral    
  Labradorite It is prized for its remarkable play of color, known as labradorescence    
  Rose quartz Delicate pink quartz    
  Blue quartz A precious and rare quartz    
  Variscite It naturally occurs as a fine-grained mass    
  Azurite Appears in a cluster    
  Serpentine It is a name of a cluster made of several minerals    
  Rhodonite Its believed to ground energy    
  Amber Transparent and brown-ish fossilized tree resin    
  Garnet A large group of rock-forming minerals in reddish color    
  Beryl Legend has it that it keeps evil spirits away    
  Diorite Very durable. This rock is hard to carve due to its hardness    
  Jasper Its red color is due to iron inclusions    
  Granite Formed from magma    
  Marble It is a metamorphic rock that is formed by exposure to heat and pressure    
  Crystal A refined quartz    
  Black Opal A rare and valuable opal    
  Red Beryl Legend has it that it keeps evil spirits away    
  Pink Crystal A refined quartz    
  Purple Crystal A refined quartz