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Forest is the area that is directly North of the farm, at the Northwest corner of the island. The player can find items to scavenge and discover natural resources.


[Caravan] is Ben’s house. It seels random items and occasionally rare findings.

The player can get into the caravan through its main access. Inside the caravan, there is a bed where Ben sleeps.

Excavation Site

Hot Spring

Huntress’ Cabin

[Cabin|Huntress’ Cabin] is a cabin in the forest. It is the residence of Kira (huntress), Jack, and their adult son, Kenny. Kira lives in the forest, spending her days watching the mines. She keeps an eye on the monsters, making sure that there are not “loose ones”. In a way, she keeps the town safe from a “monster breakout”.

The Mine


[ranch] is located near the foot of the forest. Though it is run by Jack and Kenny, the Ranch is often unattended at night. You can purchase a variety of livestock. here once you have a place to keep them. The Ranch also sells some medicine for when your animals get sick.