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Food can be cooked once players have upgraded their farmhouses. It is necessary for players to know the recipe and gather ingredients before being able to cook food. Players can cook food by cooking in the kitchen. After cooking food, players can carry the food in their inventory or store them in the fridge at home.

Food is some of the items that can restore energy and health. There is some food that gives buffs that aid fight against monsters.

Food List (TBD)

Image Name Ingredients Description Sell Price
A light and crusty loaf of bread
A useful cooking ingredient that can be made from either corn or wheat
A delicacy that is traditionally enjoyed in Autumn

Red velvet cake
A delicacy that is traditionally enjoyed in Autumn

A plate of chewy cookies

Basil pesto Pasta
Loved by many, especially by kids

Potato pasta in a form of small lumps covered in zesty tomato sauce

A bite-size raw fish on a bed of fluffy rice
  Sashimi   Raw fish with a side of spicy green paste 75g
  Fish taco   A fresh bite of the ocean 240g
  Vegan taco   A quick meal packed with nature's goodness 240g
  Burrito   A hearty meal 300g
  Pineapple upside down-cake   There are slices of pineapples on top 400g
  Fruit tart   It's full of color 200g
  Seafood ramen   The perfect meal for cold nights 250g
  Veggie ramen   It's delicious and very filling 250g
  Edamame   A healthy snack option 180g
  Banana fritter   It's sweet and mushy in the inside 300g
  Pancakes   Fluffy flat cakes 160g
  Omurice   A ball of rice with mysterious filling 160g
  Pepper and mushroom flatbread   A good source of energy 160g
  Sugarcane juice   Naturally sweet drink 80g
  Hawaiian pizza   A perfect summer meal 220g
  Assorted grilled platter   Nutritious and colorful. Yum! 160g
  Pumpkin pie   A fall treat
  Tomato soup   A simple and comforting lunch 180g
  Butter croissant   Why is it so flaky 100g
  Stew   A bowl of a hearty meal 380g
  Clam chowder   So warm and delicious 300g
  Hashbrown   A bit greasy 160g
  Ratatouille   Layer after layer of crunchy vegetables 500g
  Roasted mushroom   It smells herby
  Sunny side-up   The original egg dish 100g
  Eggplant lasagna   A classic dish 200g
  Scrambled eggs   A perfect way to start the day 125g
  Roasted almonds   Smells earthy
  Cauliflower casserole   It's very filling 260g
  Onigiri   A ball of rice with mysterious filling 240g
  Falafel   It's grainy and has no strong flavor 140g
  Fried rice   A traditional comfort food 160g
  Green smoothies   It's refreshing and surprisingly filling 160g
  Spring frittata   A little spring in every bite 200g
  Kimchi   It's sour and zesty! Yum! 110g
  Sauteed chards   A bit oily, but nice otherwise 80g
  Mixed juice   A refreshing pick-me-up 80g
  Chocolate chip muffins   It's very sweet 190g
  Shredded jackfruit pie   It has chewy texture and soft crust 180g
  Hot cocoa   Sugary hot drink 120g
  Spicy sauerkraut   It has a warm effect 120g
  Red curry   A spicy curry 200g
  Green curry   Thick and flavorful 200g
  Sweet potato poutine   Baked sweet potato covered in cheese 200g
  Slimy okra   It's slimy! 350g
  Fresh salad   It's crunchy and healthy 240g
  Corn on the cob   It oozes that distinctive grill aroma 110g
  Summer burger   This one is quite a filler 280g
  Herbed tempeh   Fermented soy bean 270g
  Grilled fish   Smells incredible! 170g
  Wild mushroom polenta   Mushy potato with bits of mushroom 160g
  Oven baked risotto   Mmm, delicious! 140g
  Roasted chestnuts   A slightly sweet snack 100g
  Lettuce wrap   It's a light meal 450g
  Rainbow sandwich   It tastes as good as it looks! 210g
  Smoked salmon   Slimy and smokey 220g
  Fish soup   The broth has a hint of truffle 500g
  Donut   It keeps energy up 500g
  Lodeh   The perfect fall meal. It gives boost of energy 500g
  Fried tempe   Crunchy soybean cake 500g
  Pad Thai   This is refreshing! 500g
  Popiah   Fresh spring-rolls 500g
  Smoked fish   Cured fish. It smells wonderful
  Fish sandwich   Fish and Bread, yum!
  Minced jackfruit pie   Jackfruit + Pie, yum!
  Fruit juice   Fruit Juice, yum!
  Ice cream   Ice Cream, yum 150g
  Apple pie   Apple Pie, yum 150g
  Pizza   The ultimate comfort food 500g
  Egg custard   Egg custard, yum 150g
  Whole coconut drink   Whole coconut drink, yum 150g
  Vitamin   Energy drink 400g
  Medicine   Restores a lot of energy 1000g