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Fish is located in any lake, pond, sea, or most bodies of water on the island. The player can catch fish using a fishing rod.

It should be noted that some fish will only appear in certain weather and location such as rainy weather or the sea. The player can use fish as an ingredient for cooking or quest item.

Types of Fish

Freshwater Fish (TBD)

Image Name Description Sell Price Location
  Giant snakehead Its white stripes are distinctive    
  Catfish Lives deep in the rivers    
  Lou han/


Legend has it that it brings prosperity luck and good fortune    
  Tilapia A common freshwater fish    
  Silver Arowana Predatory. It is known to jump out of water to catch preys    
  Koi A beautifully spotty fish    
  Black Phantom Ghost Fish A jet black fish that likes to hover close to the bottom of the rivers    
  Gator Gar This fish has a long and narrow mouth    
  Cobia Very curious in nature. It lives in the sea and is not afraid of boats    
  Rainbow fish Characterized by spots and red blush on its cheeks    
  Tiger Barb A common freshwater fish known for its black stripes    
  Crayfish Looks like a tiny lobster and lives in freshwater    
  Freshwater Eel Its slimy and feeds on small fish    
  Goldfish Its diet includes small crustacea    
  Snakehead fish A fierce predator with a large mouth and shiny teeth    
  Bluegil A common summer fish    
  Arapaima A significantly large fish. It spawns in cooler water of Fall and Winter    
  Zebra Fish A popular fish of the Spring    
  Golden Gar It only comes out in the rain    
  Chub A common freshwater fish    
  BrownTrout A common lake fish    

Saltwater Fish (TBD)

Image Name Description Sell Price Location
  Frogfish It normally waits for preys before attacking it quickly    
  Yellowtail A common saltwater fish    
  Tuna It has the ability to maintain body temperature    
  Pufferfish Its unique mechanism used when threatened is its inflated elastic stomach    
  Pink snapper A common saltwater fish that is known for its pinkish tone    
  Ruby Red Dragonet A small and fiesty fish    
  Squid Shoots black ink when threatened    
  Octopus Can regrow its lost limb. Generally it crawls on the ocean's floor    
  Giant Mudskipper It spawns often during the rain    
  Grouper A very large fish that prefers to swallow its prey. It does not have many teeth    
  Sea Cucumber Hard to come by because it likes to live in the deep sea floor    
  Parrotfish Hunts during the day and sleeps at night in a self-built mucus cocoon    
  Polkadot Batfish Eats its prey by snatching them with its circular mouth. Found at sea    
  Flameback Fish A carnivorous fish found in saltwater    
  Lobster Commonly found near the pier    
  Lionfish It likes warm water. Commonly found in the summer    
  Damselfish Small and aggressive    
  Mandarin A colorful fish that comes out at night    
  Archer An uncommon ocean fish    
  Angelfish They are not afraid of boats and can be hard to find    
  Blue Tang It is flat and circular    
  Clownfish Its commonly found in warm spring nights    
  Firefish Fearful in nature    
  Asian Sheepshead Feeds on shellfish and crustaceans.    
  Boxfish When threatened, it releases poisonous substance from its skin    
  Mackarel Swims in large groups    
  Yellowfin Tuna That is one big tuna!    
  Crab It walks sideways    
  Swordfish Why is the bill so long and pointy?    
  Salmon A common saltwater fish    

Euryhaline Fish (TBD)

Image Name Description Sell Price Location
  Cod A common fish    
  Shrimp Travels in schools    
  Barracuda Predatory saltwater fish    
  Giant Sea Bass The locals call it Black Sea Bass    
  Sardine Packed with nutrients and very oily.    
  Red Snapper It lays eggs to reproduce    
  Sturgeon Female sturgeon can lay two to three million eggs per breeding season    
  Sockeye Salmon It hatches in a lake then journeys out to sea to feed mainly on zooplankton    
  Barramundi Habitat includes stream, lake and coastal water    

Legendary Fish (TBD)

Type Image Name Description Sell Price Location
Salt   King Red Arowana considered to be symbols of good luck and prosperity    
  Monk fish (angler) Not the prettiest fish    
  Yellow Moray Eel Unlike many other fish that use gill, eel opens and closes its mouth to breathe.    
Fresh   Giant Stingray Its massive but it has no bones. The whole body is made up of flexible cartilage    
  Green Sawfish Can sense electricity from another animal