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Festivals are held every season and on different days. There are 9 festivals held on Coral Island, each season having two festivals with the exception of Winter.

The player will be notified about the festival one day before the event. Player’s attendance at festivals is not mandatory. To participate in the festivals, the player must enter the festivals’ locations within two hours of the festivals’ time.

Festivals' Schedule

Festival Date Season
Cherry Blossom Festival 10 Spring
Earth Day 21
Disco in Color Day 12 Summer
Beaach Clean Up 27
Mooncake Festival 15 Fall
Pet Day 28
Cooking Competition 15 Winter
Winter Fair 20-21
New Year's Even Feast 28

Cherry Blossom Festival

It is an outdoor BBQ potluck in celebration of spring. Although it’s not mandatory, the player can bring their ingredient for the pot luck. Bringing an ingredient (except universally disliked or bad ingredients) will reward the player with a grill platter.

Earth Day

Earth Day is the tree-planting event with all islanders. The player is required to bring a tree seed/ sapling for the festival. Not bringing the seed/ sapling will result in negative remarks from others.

A baby tree will grow the next day on the spot where the player plants their tree.

Disco in Color Day

It is a mini-game where the player shoots dye to NPCs. The player wins the game if they hit 3 NPCs before the NPC hits them.

Beach Clean Up

The festival is a mini-game where the player collects trash on the beach at the end of summer. If the player can gather more waste than other NPCs in 2 minutes, they will become the winner.

Mooncake Festival

The mid-autumn festival is a harvest display festival. The festival is held in the evening. The player is required to bring several items (vegetables, fruits, fish) for display.

Pet Day

Pet Day focuses on the player’s pet. During Pet Day, the pet is supposed to race to the player’s side as fast as possible. The winner of the race will receive 1,000g.

Cooking Competition

The player is required to bring a prepared dish for the competition. They cannot submit raw ingredients.

Winter Fair

There are several booths available at Winter Fair.

New Year's Eve Feast

New Year’s Eve Feast is the yearly feast where all islanders gather together and have a feast. The player will also receive a gift from secret santa.