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The Farm House is where the player starts the game. It has a lot of facilities to cover the basic necessities of the Player. The basic features of the house are the following:


The Player uses this to end the day and continue to the next day. It also automatically saves the game. The bed can be moved anywhere within the house, but it can never be removed as this is core furniture in the game.


The TV gives the Player several helpful information about the day such as:

  1. Weather Forecast:The weather channel informs the player of the forecast the next day. It is always 100% accurate.
  2. Today's Luck:The luck channel informs the player of their current luck value. This is especially helpful when the player needs to go to certain areas that increase the chances of getting a better item due to luck.

Customizing Interior Decorations

Every piece of furniture inside the farmhouse can be changed and customized except the bed. To do that, the player must press the button to enter 'Decor Mode'. Once in Decor Mode, the Player can do the following:

  • Picks Up Furniture: Pick existing furniture to move
  • Move Furniture: Move the furniture within the house
  • Rotate Furniture: Rotate the direction of the furniture. There are only four directions: north, east, west, and south.
  • Place Furniture: Once happy you can place the furniture back.
  • Put Furniture to Backpack: You can also remove the furniture from the house by putting this in your bag. You must have an empty slot in your backpack.
  • Take Furniture from Backpack: You can also take furniture from the backpack to place in the house. Not all items are placeable so only items that are placeable can be taken from the backpack and placed inside the house.

Changing Exterior Design

You can customize the exterior of your house, the customizable area of the exterior of the house are the following:
1. The House look, this cover walls, and windows

2. The Roof style. Change the style of the roof of your house.

3. The Porch Style. Change the style of the porch of your house.

Upgrading the House

Extra features can be unlocked by upgrading the house. The detail of the upgrades are still in progress (WIP). To upgrade the house you need to purchase the upgrade at the Carpenter. It will takes a few days for the upgrade to happens. You can still use the house as normal during the upgrade.