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Dateable NPCs are NPCs the player can get married and start a family.


Alice is a bachelorette. Alongside her twin sister Suki, they own, run, and live by the beach in Coral Inn. Running a business is hard, and running it with your sister is harder. Alice spends her days working at the inn, and her free time hanging out with friends in town. Loves minced jackfruit pies.


Eva is a bachelorette. She is a happy-go-lucky baker who works at the general store. She enjoys talking to the islanders, be it local, new, visitors, everybody! And is good friends with a lot of them. According to the islanders, Eva is always a delight to talk to-- a positive ray of sunshine. A fan of red velvet cakes and cookies.


Kenny, a part-time rancher, and full-time bachelor. He grew up in Coral Island and has fostered close relationships with other islanders-- be it people, animals, trees, spirits from the beyond-- all of them. Besides making friends, he loves having lunch outdoors, playing the flute, and cold kombucha.


Leah lives her bachelorette life with her father and stepmom in an old massive house that the locals call “The Mansion.” She is a self-hired, yoga instructor at the community center and takes her online presence seriously. She spends her day wandering around the island with a camera on hand. Dislikes mushrooms and eggs.


Despite having a well-paid remote job, Lily still lives at home with her dad and brother. Usually, she spends her days working at home and would visit the lake or the library on the weekend. Loves bonsai.


Coming from old-money, Luke lives with his parents and dog, Taco, in the manor behind the vineyard; a family business that he feels pressured to take over. Not a fan of the silver spoon, Luke runs Socket Electronics in his spare time in an attempt to create a name for himself, separate from his family legacy.


She grew up in a neighboring island and now lives full time at the Inn. She makes a living by selling images to a visual media company, Pletty inc. She loves simple nights, taking pictures, playing video games and Stephen, her rescued lobster.


This bachelorette technically doesn't live in Coral Island anymore, but still visits her vacation home at the beach, from time to time. Aside from wild rumors around town, she's never talked about her abrupt departure, so it remains a mystery until now. A close friend with Suki.


Noah is an eligible marriage character. An obvious fan of consistency, Noah was born, raised and settled in Coral Island-- with a brief departure to Pokyo for university years;

Now back in town, he spends his days keeping the local tavern running, in flat colored khakis.


Rafael, along with his older brother, Pablo, who is also an eligible bachelor, run a local blacksmith shop. As a reserved fellow, Rafael is rarely seen out at town, but on rare days that he does, he can be found at Socket Electronics or Coral Inn, visiting his cousins and niece, Valentina.


Scott is an eligible marriage character, and is a city boy at heart. Always up for fun and is never a bore. He found his passion for artifacts and has dedicated his life to it.


Surya, an eligible marriage candidate, is a fresh marine biologist graduate who is currently doing a fellowship in Coral Island. Like you, he is also new to the island! Loves Lodeh dish.


On the weekends, Theo makes a quick buck performing live at the tavern. He doesn't have what people call a “decent voice,” but he does have “soul” when he performs. Apparently, according to him, that's what's important. Day job: a fisherman.


Yuri is an eligible marriage character. When she is not busy keeping the islanders healthy, she can be spotted hanging out or playing chess at the beach shack; She also likes tattoos, pastel hair, and playing pool.


She lives on a boat that she purchased with a payment received from helping a rich family collect their lost heirloom. She is an adventurer at heart. She enjoys going around the island and finding treasures; be it gems, old artifacts or a buried history.